More than a few of you wondered if I wrote the prior post about bears.

I did.

Was I drunk or on drugs when I did it?

No, but that's a great idea for next time.

Was it some sort of social experiment?

Well, sort of.

My general approach to life goes like this:

Try something --> Observe results --> Learn --> Try something else

I'm well-suited for drawing comics and writing blog posts because I can erase/delete/adjust a thousand times before the public sees it. I'd be bad at, for example, walking a tightrope across a canyon or doing brain surgery. Those professions don't respond well to "oops."

I use this blog to practice my writing, try different styles, float ideas, and generally get into the heads of the public. It's a bad idea in my profession to assume I know what other people want to read. I can only know for sure what is in my own head. And as a general rule, the people who go into my line of work don't think like normal citizens, for better or worse. So I take a business approach to writing; I test different styles and topics, observe the reactions, and adjust accordingly.

With the bear post, I wrote it as a character instead of my normal personality, and imagined the reader being a particular type of person who would drink beer - lots of it - with that character. That's what produces the different style. And now I know your reactions to it. Thank you.

In October you'll hear a lot about my upcoming non-Dilbert, non-humor, non-fiction book. The approach I took in the book comes from what I learned after trying different topics here and observing which topics and styles had the biggest impact on people.

I appreciate all of you for putting up with me. Truly. I hope my new book returns the favor. It is designed to do just that.

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Aug 9, 2013
Late to the conversation, but have to put in my two cents. Thank goodness there are people willing to experiment and step out on a limb to do it. Almost every successful comic has gone through a period of random, "out there" material and found a unique voice in the process - that Scott is willing to experiment AFTER finding his unique voice is a credit to him, not a discredit. Most artists that hit it big stick with the tried and true or (even worse) coast on their schtick. I am one of the many that didn't like the bear post that much, but in the world of experimentation a failure is a critical step towards the success. Having been the benefactor of Scott's work over and over and over again, I say experiment on, oh fearless leader.
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Aug 5, 2013
Is this the website that has the contest for the lifetime of free burritos?
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Aug 5, 2013
"In October you'll hear a lot about my upcoming non-Dilbert, non-humor, non-fiction book."

WOW! This certainly has lots to recommend it! Very excited. Anything else that it is not?
Aug 5, 2013
My favorite bear joke, courtesy of Eddie Murphy:

A bear and a rabbit were taking a $h!t in the woods. The bear turns to the rabbit and says, "Excuse me, do you have problems with $h!t sticking to your fur?" And the rabbit says, "No."
So the bear wiped his a$s with the rabbit.
Aug 5, 2013
Well, yeah, Scott, that's fine.

But don't I recall you running a poll as to the topics you wanted us to have you discuss, and then you ignored us completely?

So, I guess you're contrarian in this blog? Whatever we like, you ignore, and whatever we don't, you blog about?

I certainly don't recall voting for blog posts about bears. But perhaps my memory is flawed.

Keep up the un-understandable work. We live in awe of your powers of obfuscation and misdirection. PT Barnum would be proud.
Aug 4, 2013
I love this piece! I have copied it out to an MS Word document for preservation. Whenever I get overly bummed out by yet another liberal guilt-tripping me that I've messed up on yet another Political Correctness Directive (where is my little red book?) I re-read this bear bit and get a total release from the inner tension and suppressed fury that is my usual state. You can flame bears to your heart's content and (so far) never be slammed for "insensitivity". Wonderful.

It also works, through the magic of Word, to substitute almost any entity you want: White Folks, Mother-In-Laws, Men, Women, people named Fred, Ferrets... Of course this is for private use only.
Aug 4, 2013
It takes dozens of blog posts to build a reputation.
It takes one to lose it.

I was shocked. I thought I don't know this guy as well as I thought I did.
Mentally I cancelled the "Have the seen the brilliant Dilbert Blog" recommendation I give friends and social contacts - I couldn't trust you any more.

I didn't get the joke. And it will take a long time to rebuild that trust.
And I'm much less likely to buy the book than I was.
Aug 4, 2013
I think you're just feeling a little insecure b/c of all the attention Randall Munroe's getting with the conclusion of time & trying to get your geek cred back... ;-)
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Aug 4, 2013
Sounds more like a lame excuse for a drug-induced rant that shows a definite prejudice against Chicago.
Keep up the good work!
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Aug 3, 2013
>I appreciate all of you for putting up with me. Truly. I hope my new book returns the favor.

I'll buy it of course, but please don't try to return the favor.
I'm so far in your debt, I've named a wing at our local library after you.
(It's a big empty room with a wireless router.)
But, we call the router Scott.

We are having a quilt auction fundraiser to have a plaque made.

It's going to say. "To Scott, and a generation that never has to get out of bed."
Sorry, it's the best I could do.
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Aug 2, 2013
It did not seem so far off from your usual story-telling style to me - with the exception that you did not tie it to personal experience.

I thought the humor was similar to this post for example: http://dilbert.com/blog/entry/the_night_i_learned_to_follow_directions/

Both posts are incredibly funny and just inappropriate enough that I wouldn't share them with approximately half of my social circle. Nicely done.
Aug 2, 2013
I didn't much care for the bear thing cause it was common. Something lots of people might come up with. Being an older mid western, redneck hillbilly myself I've pretty much gotten my fill of this approach to comedy. You've set the bar pretty high in what we've come to expect from your postings. I come here to hear things, perspectives that I would rarely find elsewhere. Its rare to find creative, imaginative yet logical and rational thinking. I'm really excited to hear more about your new book.
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Aug 2, 2013
Great cover for your psychotic episode. I hope your new book is chock full of them.
Aug 2, 2013
Two unsolicited observations on the writing style:

1. I don't think beer dudes are apt to spit out monologues that long about a single subject

2. You probably need to insert an F-Bomb every fifth or sixth word, if you really want it to sound like a couple of beer dudes. If the beer dudes are from the northeast, you might also occasionally insert an F-Bomb between two syllables of a single word.
Aug 2, 2013
I love Hemingway, so if it's a non-fiction book written by a beer drinker, I'm all-in.

Aug 2, 2013
Great news about the new book - looking forward to it.
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