Recently we redesigned the Dilbert.com web site and added a ton of features, such as animation, deeper archives, mash ups, and more. The reaction from readers has been fascinating.
Let me get this out of the way: I realize the Beta version of the web site has lots of issues. It’s overloaded with Flash, slower than it needs to be, and the navigation is confusing. We’re fixing most of that over the next few weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience.
The fascinating thing about the responses is that it revealed three distinct types of Dilbert readers:
The first group is the ultra-techies who have an almost romantic relationship with technology. For them, the new site felt like getting dumped by a lover. Their high-end technology (generally Linux) and security settings made much of the site inconvenient. Moreover, the use of Flash offended them on some deep emotional level.
The second group objected to the new level of color and complexity, and the associated slowness. They like their Dilbert comics simple, fast, and in two colors. Anything more is like putting pants on a cat.
The third group uses technology as nothing more than a tool, and subscribes to the philosophy that more free stuff is better than less free stuff. That group has embraced the new features on the site and spiked the traffic stats.
For you first two groups, if you promise to keep it to yourselves, we created a stripped-down Dilbert page with just the comic, some text navigation, and the archive: www.dilbert.com/fast. This alternate site is a minor secret, mentioned only here and in the text footnote to the regular site as “Linux/Unix.”
The main site will be getting a Flash diet that will make it speedier soon, so check back in a few weeks. That’s where all the fun will be.
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May 11, 2008
Quoting DrLex:
"behold: http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/archive/dilbert-20080511.html"

This is huge!! The old site back in all its glorious simplicity - simple HTML navigation, no distracting color in the weekdays strips, no hassle to save the strips, no annoying "it's for you" things that don't add a bit, and most of all no crappy Flash to wait for.
May 11, 2008
I'm not too worried about the new format of the new site, I like having the archives opened up in full colour. And for the daily strip I just use the widget. The fast section IS good, but what I'd like to see is a hybrid between that and the archive view on the main site. I like having 50 thumbnails per page, but I wish I didn't have to open up a new page to view the Sunday strips properly. If there was something like that where I could view the entirety of the Sunday strips I would be a very happy man.
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May 11, 2008
Quoting 'english':
"www.dilbert.com/fast is the business. It's all you need"

Almost. You also need a magnifying glass for the Sunday comic :)

But behold: http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/archive/dilbert-20080511.html
(You may need to update the date in the URL, only works for 30 most recent comics.)
If the comics still exist in the old format anyway, why not make a www.dilbert.com/oldskool? I think it will be a huge success.
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May 11, 2008
www.dilbert.com/fast is the business. It's all you need
May 10, 2008
"The program should be directed by the logic within rather than by outward appearances."

No surprise that was written in 1988- a few years after the release of Windows 1.0 and GEOS.

I, for one, love to be astonished by an amazing HMI. For every bad one released the development community as a whole learns. If nobody took chances with a "let's see if this will work" attitude, where would we be?

That being said, I think many agree that the Dilbert.com redesign is nowhere near complete. Bad ideas have been identified and they need to be removed.

And since there's never enough feature-creep...

What's the use of voting on comments if I can not sort comments by vote score?
May 9, 2008
Voting doesn't work. And I don't like the animations. But overall a good layout.
May 9, 2008
Hi, I class myself as in group 2, but associate with group 3 as well. Basically I like the colour, I absolutely love the animation (get those anal retentives who complain about the voices to get a life), but also agree with the issues of group 1 about the slowness and problems of flash. Not the appearance or the fact that the Sunday strips need a new method of operation, just the total pointlessness of the flash, it adds nothing other than slowness. The voices in the animation are different than the older cartoons, so what? The Simpsons voices are different from the originals, but its the content not the voices that make the thing funny or not. For what its worth from me; keep the current layout, keep the content and colour, just drop the flash for the daily strips.
May 9, 2008
Are we only allowed one mashup per strip?

i had two for May 9th, and having done the work of creating the second, it wouldn't take.
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May 8, 2008
The FAST site is great, thank you. It would be fine with me if that site was even faster and simply by using black and white instead of color.
May 8, 2008
Are you there? I have commented. Don't see anything yet. Am I lost in space? Is this an evil design to rid yourself of people who stalk you?

I'll be good. Come back.

Rita Mae
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May 8, 2008
Please change the "Remember Me" option, when logging in, to not expire the same day, it's highly annoying to log in every time I visit the site. Everyone else just sets the cookie expiration date at least a couple weeks into the future.
May 8, 2008
Thanks for the Fast site, but can we please get a Fast/Blackandwhite site too? I don't need the color for the daily strips.

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May 8, 2008
I cant say I like the redesign. I am a web developer myself and I find that sometimes simplicity is the best option. Most folks come here to see the comic, read your blog and post a comment. All the bells and whistles seem like overkill, especially the flash module with its clunky buttons and 5 second lag load.
May 8, 2008
Hiya Scott

Sure would be nice if we could have a search box option to search for strips by topic, ever thought about adding tags to the strips archived here?
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May 8, 2008
I have a visual handicap and must often enhance print or graphic material by switching to "white on black" or increasing the size. The "new" format presents some printed material in colors that I can not read. "White on Black" does not increase the contrast.

The other "issues" with the "new" format are a bit frustrating but have been covered in detail by others.

P.S. I notice I can not manipulate the size of the font in this reply.
May 7, 2008
The Mashup idea is great in my opinion but having to click through each comic to read the punchlines is insane. 240 pages of punchlines and I can hardly read the 10 or so that are on the screen at the moment. Here are my two suggestions:

1. Allow us to simply read the text of all submitted punchlines.

2. Show the comic full-size and then switch to the next mashed-up punchline when a rating has been entered. Ensure that the next punchlines are loaded before the user enters the rating (AJAX or similar).
May 7, 2008
I'm interested to see how the new site design develops. There was a day when video was slow on web pages too. Personally, I could live without the fast site even though I am mainly interested in the comic; as long as the comic is available in an RSS feed I will continue to use an aggregator to read it.

I am glad I started using an aggregator because the daily emails are now unacceptable. I haven't looked for a 'fast email' option yet.

One thing I would like to see back on Dilbert.com is The Lazy Entrepreneur. I miss that so much; it was amusing and interesting- a lot of good ideas were discussed there. At the very least I would like to see an archive of it put back online (the Wayback Machine archives right up to the actual idea submissions).

I've tried to create a forum for a similar purpose at http://armchairinventors.com/forum/ but I never expect to have the user base that The Lazy Entrepreneur had. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if anyone will ever post there.

May 6, 2008
Dilbert.com/fast - fast! cool! Thank you very much!
May 6, 2008
It's really not on to dismiss people who've made valid and informed criticism of the new site's appalling inaccessibility and degraded usability as having some sort of immature, over-emotional sulk. And no, I don't use Linux.
May 6, 2008
It's really not on to dismiss people who've made valid and informed criticism of the new site's appalling inaccessibility and degraded usability as having some sort of immature, over-emotional sulk. And no, I don't use Linux.
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