Please take a sneak peek at my new service for sending files that are so large your e-mail can't handle them. It's called dilbertfiles.com. I'd like your opinion before I do a general launch.


First, some background. I often used a service called sendyourfiles.com to move my own large art files to United Media (my syndicator), to my publisher (Andrews McMeel Publishing), and other business associates. I also used the service to send large photos and videos that e-mail couldn't handle. Every person who received a large file from me in this convenient way said some version of "Hey, I could use this myself."

So I contacted the owners of sendyourfiles.com and worked out a deal for a branded version of their service that we call dilbertfiles.com. They do the business end, and I help spread the word. It's a great tool, so I enjoy letting people know about it.

As the more technical among you know, there are a number of options for sending large files. Some of them are even free, although without the features or convenience of dilbertfiles.com. For example, with Dilbertfiles.com you can download a plug-in for Outlook and send large files without even going through a web page. And if you do use the browser interface instead, you get to watch some free Dilbert comics while your file is transmitted. You also get to watch Dogbert vigorously whip the progress bar, which feels better than you'd imagine.

As the number of traditional newspapers continues to shrink, this is the sort of thing that will help keep Dilbert free online. If you know anyone who moves large files around for work, or for fun, please do them and me a favor by forwarding the link.

[Update: The link was broken when I first posted. Now corrected.]

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Nov 11, 2008
When will the Apple Mail plugin be available?
Nov 11, 2008
The "Setup your Account" page is broken in the Google Chrome Browser. Screen shot:


Original link:

Nov 11, 2008
http://www.rapidshare.com is the ultimate file sending/sharing site.
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Nov 11, 2008
This site will not compete with the free sites available. Like yousendit, megaupload and a few others. So there is going to be very little personal use on the site. Your only hope is to sell it on corporate features. A few that I suggest are

1. Encryption.
2. Option to store the files forever.

I can already see a tilt towards corporate features with the integration with exchange etc. The receive files feature is intriguing. It needs to be highlighted more.
Nov 11, 2008
My opinion?

Look at gmail. No pictures. No flash. Loads fast.

Fire your Flash programmers. I don't want to watch animations while I send email. I want something that works, and works fast.
Nov 11, 2008
I like it, but you're definitely going to run into stiff competition from the "free" providers. With Google giving gmail away for free (with the 7 GB of storage and counting) more and more tech providers are figuring out how to make money on free. I predict you'll do well with this though as there's still a big need for this niche. I love the movie and the dilbert branding!

On a side note: I just asked for (and received) Dilbert 2.0 for my birthday. That purchase would have never been made if I weren't an avid reader of your blog. Free does work! :)
Nov 11, 2008
I've been using YouSendit.com for my bulky files, and haven't had a complaint with them. They're free (unless you want optional services, such as multiple-file uploads...but I just upload them one at a time), fast, and easy. I wish you luck with your Dilbertfiles, but there's already a successful website that offers the same service for free. Just letting you know! Best regards.
Nov 11, 2008
The punchline of the ad, "Efficiency feels just like love," is a great line. Is there a Dilbert comic that uses it, and if so, which one?
Nov 11, 2008
dude wht should keep dilbert free online is ur love for the art..and people who appreciate it everyday
Nov 11, 2008
It's the little things that can make a big difference...

I was glancing at the FAQ section of the site... and every single answer ended with "If you question..." rather than "If your question..."

Maybe I'm the only one who cringes at grammar mistakes, but in the online world little things can shape your impression of whether you are dealing with a professional organisation or a fly-by-night operator that you wouldn't trust with your credit card.

And it's only a problem they introduced in the dilbert-branded site... their original site is fine. You might want to get it fixed.
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Nov 11, 2008
@Wobbles the goose
"Maybe your brand will help establish this among corporate users."

I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps I'm underestimating the simplicity of the service and the "branding" ability, but don't those bandwidth prices seem a bit steep, especially toward the business end of the spectrum?

Two years ago I had the same issues; the "need" to share files too large for standard email. So, I purchased some web space, set up a ftp, forum and simple, password protected website. My friends and I now use the server space to share files. Granted, I'm slightly more tech-savvy than the average person (emphasis on slightly), but once it was up and running even my parents were able to use it. My service provider grants us 3500GB of data transfer a month, as well as 500GB of storage, all for the price of $200 CDN...per year!

I'm not trying to be critical, I'd just like to know the justification for some of the prices.
Nov 11, 2008
Maybe your brand will help establish this among corporate users. But I don't see any incentive for the common rabble to use this over free file transfer sites or bit torrent. I haven't used outlook for years, so it looks like 9.95 to watch dogbert whip a task bar.

I wish you the best of luck, but (as a college student) I am not the target market for this by a long shot.
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