Some time ago I wrote a post about my prediction that people would use their smart cell phones to arrange ride sharing. That is happening now.


I also came across an application that allows you to use the Bluetooth feature of your phone to lock your computer when you (and your phone) walk away. I'm guessing you'll see more of this, maybe for your home and car.


I also heard about an application that lets you take a picture of any item with your iPhone and it finds an online shopping site that carries that exact item. Very cool. (Update: Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000291661)

These applications got me thinking what else is in the pipeline. I'll take a stab at a few predictions with full knowledge that you will provide links to people already working on these ideas.

WHATS-HIS-FACE: This application would let you discreetly take an iPhone photo of an acquaintance whose name you can't remember then it uses face recognition to search for the name online. Someday everyone will have a Facebook-like web page, so searching for faces will be feasible.

DOCTOR-IN-A-BOX: Someday you'll be able to take an iPhone picture of your suspicious moles, abrasions, fungus, or whatever and get an instant automated diagnosis and suggested treatment.

WHAT'S-IT-LIKE-THERE? Imagine wondering how long the line is to an event, or what a particular forest fire looks like, for example.  You send a query through your iPhone for anyone who is in that area, according to GPS tracking, and ask for a look. A kind stranger takes your query, sets his phone to stream video, and gives you the view from his perspective. You would have eyes anywhere there are people.

BRAIN-EXTENDER: Google and Wikipedia are already brain extenders. You can find almost any information you want and quickly. But imagine how much cooler it would be if your iPhone headset was continuously monitoring your conversations and answering your questions as they arise, or whispering suggestions in your ear. That application seems likely to me.

Do you have any more futuristic iPhone predictions?

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Dec 22, 2008
My G-Phone already has an app that lets me scan a barcode and then checks for the best online price as well as the best local price based on my current location.
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Dec 22, 2008
Fast Food/Take Out Ordering

Making every car pull up to the archaic voice box and place your order is insane and outdated. Rather, you pull up the menu on your iPhone, make your order including pick up time, pay for it immediately with your phone, then go pick up your food when it's ready. And if you don't, then the restaurant doesn't care cause they've already been paid. This would speed up the ordering process and eliminate errors cause you're knocking out a middle-man (the human order taker).

This could be expanded/enhanced by having your favorite restaurants informing you of daily/weekly specials, providing instant coupons, rewarding frequent customers, etc.
Dec 22, 2008
I'm pretty simple - I just want a "FIND MY FRIEND" application.

When you add someone to your phonebook, you can pair your phone with them - similar to Bluetooth device. Then, when you want to find them, say you are going out for a drink or am at a music festival, you just log into your GPS, hit "FIND DAVO", it asks hiss phone for it's location, then sets that as the destination and plots the route. Easy!
Dec 22, 2008
I'm skeptical in this point. In my opinion, Google is not a brain extender, but more like a brain devolver. We are loosing our ability to survive without mobile phones and all the other things that make life so so easy and cozy. We are like rats repeatedly pressing buttons to have an orgasm and dying on exhausting...
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Dec 22, 2008
A friend of mine from the local magicians club (Harry Houdini type not Harry Potter) has a car that unlocks when he walks within three feet of it with his keys in his pocket. It also starts as long as the keys are inside the car (and maybe in the drivers seat area but I wouldn't swear to that). So my question was... why give you keys when a small card in your wallet or implanted in your butt would work just as good.

I found out the next day when the battery on my auto-unlocker died for my car. I sat there with my key in my hand wondering how I was gonna get in my car for nearly 30 seconds before I realised it would open the door as well as start the car. In my defense, I was hopped up on cold meds at the time..

I think phones should have an extendable baton in them for wackin' stupid people. (I don't count.. cold meds remember?) It could record the incident that provoked the beating for your defense later.. ,maybe even give you a beating/no beating rule.

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Dec 22, 2008
I am with "adorita" the bluetooth wallet is just around the corner...

How about a "pretty people/cool people" finder - with our desire to be hip, some type of notifier that tells us the cool place to hang out tonight.

How about a resource allocation program? Say, I am in the mood to help my fellow man in some way and want to volunteer to do something - I type in my mood, skills, and time willing to spend on a project, and shazam! Instant connection with driving directions or ride share to the location and advance notification to the project coordinator to alert them of my pending arrival.

This is fun! Keep 'em coming!
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Dec 22, 2008
Here's a fun game to play: How many of these are illegal?
I'll start -- the ride-sharing application will get you busted for participating in an unlicensed business. I don't know of a single metropolitan area (and this is most useful in high-density metropolitan areas) that doesn't have the equivalent of New York City's Taxi and Limousine commission, which is basically a tool of the existing operators to exclude competitors. Good luck with that.
Good luck.
Dec 22, 2008
Books on iPhone. Any digitalized book could be put on your screen in large text and easy scroll so you could catch up on your reading when stuck on a plane or anywhere. Also Books on iPhone Audio. Books on tape could be recalled and you could hear them with headphones. This would require lots of battery power and memory but just carry an extra sim chip, plug into your car or AC at home or office. Solar powered devices exist today on back packs, carrying cases, hats, etc that could keep the phone battery charged.

All forms of media. TV, satellite feeds, weather information, could be acquired from your cell phone at little or no extra cost. Basically where this is all heading for is that the iPhone will be a micro computer the size of a credit card with all the functions of a full blow Internet accessible desktop with a printer, fax, copier, scanner. A powerful micro blue tooth projector would turn any flat monocolored surface into a large monitor. No mouse, just a heads up display on your glasses or contacts with eyeball movement directing its movement. Blink left eye for left click, right eye for right click. Stop me before I get carried away.....
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Dec 22, 2008
I guess the prospect of using iPhones to arrange for rides ads some portability to a service that's been going on for at least a decade. And the technology definitely exists for the other things Scott suggested - adapting it is just a matter of ironing out the kinks and making something commercially viable (I'd say the concept of a "suite" of applications is drying up so these would be individual downloads). It's going to be fun, privacy-free times.
Dec 22, 2008
I really like the idea of a brain extender- something like an expert assistant constatly whispering info or advice in your ear. Maybe something like the virtual glasses in a William Gibson novel (Mona Lisa Overdrive?)

My ideas-
Lie detector- gives a probability estimation that the speaker is lying/truthful (sincerity rating?). I know there's been things like voice stress analyzers out there, not sure they're available on a phone or if any use or can use visual cues to aid.

Instant transcription- Instantly transcribes conversations into a searchable database. With synopsis and analysis as long as we're pie-in-the-skying here.

Past words/actions correlater- matches person's/company's past words with known actions to provide a reliability rating. Not sure how it would work, but would be nice to have.

Environment monitor- monitors immediate environment for potential threats or opportunities. Possibilities are endless here, could correlate external sensor's (i.e. satellites, temperture) with more immediate (is someone watching me, is something about to intersect my position). Watches people that are watching me? Ideally would involve visual and other sensors as well as listening.

I'm sure I could come up with others, but time for lunch!

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Dec 22, 2008
I don't think you can take a picture of a product to find it online yet. But there is an application in which you can take a picture of the Barcode and get instant price comparison from selected stores. This would kill bookstores, as there are always a copy selling for 1cent somewhere.

HOW-FAT-IS-THIS, you take a picture of what you eat all day and it tells you how much calories there was.

Digital credit card, coupons, tickets... via bluetooth. I hate my thick wallet.
Dec 22, 2008
Here's my prediction:
All of Scott Adams predictions will come true, and the data from the applications will be compiled and constantly monitored, completing the transition to the 1984-state predicted by George Orwell.
Dec 22, 2008
La-Dee-Da-Dee-Da would allow you to sing a few notes of that tune that's driving you crazy and then identify the song by title, artist, etc. You would also have the option of hearing the entire song, which, according to Wired magazine (http://www.wired.com/entertainment/music/magazine/16-06/st_3smartthings), will help you get rid of that pesky tune.
Dec 22, 2008
Aardwizz - The Universal Translator is already a reality in the virtual world of Second Life.
It uses Google Translate to make English, French, German etc understandable to non native speakers.
Dec 22, 2008
I long ago came up with the idea for a website called "MyArse.com" - for people who actively don't want any spurious online friends.
If anybody sends you a friends request (whether it's from MySpace, FaceBook or whatever) it automatically sends back a message saying "My Arse"
Dec 22, 2008
UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR - a la Star Trek. When you go to a foreign country (or sections of your own), and someone says something to you in a language that is not the default for your phone, the iPhone discretely translates what they are saying to you, in real-time, and their iPhone translates your reponse to them. Everyone speaks the language they're most comforatable in.,
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