The idea of keeping immigrants out of your country is starting to seem outdated. In many cases you need them more than they need you. Obviously you can't let people cross borders all willy-nilly, but the immigration policy in the United States seems a hodgepodge. I say this not because I have studied our immigration policy but because I wanted to use willy-nilly and hodgepodge in the same sentence.

A better immigration policy would be to make the U.S. as inviting as possible so everyone wants in. Then choose the most worthy applicants based on how much they would contribute to the economy, or how attractive they are. And obviously all applicants would have to pass a physical exam so they don't burden the healthcare system.

I know, I know, it smacks of eugenics. The Nazis gave it a bad name. But every corporation hires employees based on some sense of economic worthiness, or in some cases hotness. Why should a country settle for less. Technically we wouldn't be practicing eugenics if our selectivity was based on what a person can contribute today. Improving the gene pool would simply be a bonus. So get over it.

With this sort of immigration policy our competitive advantage would include anything that made living in the U.S. more enjoyable than living elsewhere. We would focus all of our energy on cleaning the environment and keeping crime low while giving people as much freedom as practical. And of course we would want a top school system and lots of entertainment options to keep our new immigrants happy. Everything we did to attract the cream of the immigrant crop would be good for the current residents. It's a win-win.

Canada is already doing something along these lines. They welcome immigrants who have valuable skills. The U.S. can't match Canada in friendliness, crime rates, personal freedom, or the environment. But no immigrant wants to walk around in a snow suit trying to understand French either. So I think we can be competitive with our buddies to the North.

Game on!
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Feb 23, 2009
to become a citizen or permanent resident in new zealand you have to give a million dollar bond and show how you can better society
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Feb 23, 2009
"So, does this mean we can also start deporting people who have a legal right to be here, but don't add value?"

Yes! We cap the population at 300 million. Every few years we deport enough useless people to get the population to 290 million and allow 10 million immigrants in. Start with lawyers that advertise on the back of the phone book and anyone that majored in "media studies"....
Feb 23, 2009
"In canada you pay 60% taxes, rich or poor, and you cant pack any firearms. So your personal freedoms part is way wrong."

Yeah, but we legalize other things like marijuana and gay marriage, and yes, we do have a cool name for our money.
Feb 23, 2009

Your immigration policy (contributing to economy and physical exam) is already in place in Australia. The policy was recently challenged when a prominent doctor wanted to naturalize his son with down's syndrome. Initially rejected; big stink; and then allowed to come in.

I recently applied for permanent residency in Australia (US citizen from Denver) and if the US wants a worthy opponent in the immigration game, then "Game on!" Imagine California with 1/5 the people and better schools... that's Australia.
Feb 23, 2009
I misspoke. The number of foreign, non-resident aliens (that is, those without a Green Card), that can work here legally is 65,000. Those foreign citizens with a Green Card can work here legally as well. Didn't want to let that point go unnoted.
Feb 23, 2009
But Scott, but Scott. . .

That IS our immigration policy. At least the de jure one. De facto, however, we don't have an immigration policy.

In law, to get into the US to work (if you're a foreign national) you have to get a thing called an "H-1B Visa." This allows US employers to temporarily hire foreign workers in what are called "specialty applications." That means for a foreign national to work here legally, he or she has to be sponsored by a company that has to make a case that the foreign worker has some virtually unique set of skills, and that there are no US citizens available to fill that position. The current law limits the number of H-1B visa'ed workers to 65,000. So that's the number of foreign citizens who, as a maximum, can work legally in the US.

In fact, if you can get across the border, you can work here. Currently, it is estimated that there are between twelve and sixteen million illegal aliens working in the US. Many of them are here in our own state of California. The latest estimate I heard is that they cost the taxpayers of this state $12 billion, with a 'B,' annually. That means that if we were to control our borders and enforce our laws, we'd cut 25% off the state's enormous budget deficit.

President Obama says his next big issue to tackle, after he 'saves' the economy, lol, is to 'solve' the immigration 'crisis.' Funny how every expensive proposal he wants to force on us is somehow a 'crisis,' but I digress. What the president means is that he wants amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens. He figures the change in demographics that the resulting influx of illegals would cause (estimated to be something like an additional 200 million people over the ten years following the next amnesty) will essentially ensure that the Democrat party will be able to stay in power forever. We can't support that many new people coming into our country without destroying our economy.

So take a look around you, folks. What you see now is just about to be gone forever, unless you write your congresspeople and tell them, once again, not to support any amnesty for illegals. This is the biggest and most important issue of our lifetimes - far more important that the current economic situation. Put your heads in the sand now, and this country in ten to twenty years will become the Socialist State of Mexamerica.

You think your hopes of retirement are poor now? Just you wait. I hope you enjoy flipping burgers at McDonald's when you're 90. Oh, wait, you won't be able to get those jobs. Illegal aliens will have them all.

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Feb 23, 2009
Whatever happened to this?

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me..."

Feb 23, 2009
DUDE, your wrong. 'The U.S. can't match Canada in friendliness, crime rates, personal freedom, or the environment'
In canada you pay 60% taxes, rich or poor, and you cant pack any firearms. So your personal freedoms part is way wrong.
Feb 23, 2009
If you avoid Quebec then you don't have to worry much about French since none of the rest of us know how to speak it anyways. If you don't want to freeze just go to Vancouver and area and you will be fine. Of course if your in Manitoba like me you will freeze but other wise nice place asides from not having a NHL team.
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Feb 23, 2009
Yeah, but Scott, the Canucks have a tremendous head-start on us in hockey and curling, plus they have a cool name for their money. We may have our work cut out for us as Americans to stay competitive...eh?
Feb 23, 2009
Unfortunately, we here in Canada still have our share of taxi drivers and conveinience store clerks that can barely speak english let alone french, and yet they were all doctors and lawyers in their own country. So while these people looked good on paper, and I'm sure practiced up on the questions immigration was going to ask to seem literate in English, they just don't pass in the real world. And once here, they need to get their skills up to date to practice medicine in a country that doesn't use leeches or practice law without chopping hands off, so they need to save money to go back to school here for a few years since you can't go to school and collect welfare. No system is perfect, so I think the US should try your idea for a while and see if it flies.
Feb 23, 2009
So, does this mean we can also start deporting people who have a legal right to be here, but don't add value? Because if that's true, I'm in a lot of trouble.
Feb 23, 2009
As an immigrant in Quebec, Canada, I was just thinking yesterday that I'd like to move somewhere warmer.... Then I thought of all the reasons I prefer to stick around like healthcare, personal freedom etc. The summers are great but I do find the long winters in Canada to be a bit arduous which is what makes me secretly hope that global warming will be just what it sounds like! Though to be frank, if I were stinking rich I would move to the US in a heartbeat and sit on a beach all day, in Miami perhaps.
Feb 23, 2009
Although I'm guessing this post is serious, it was magnificently delivered. A dash of humor to sell it. Great post.
Feb 23, 2009
To start, once you have an immigration policy (hodge-podge or otherwise), then you must enforce it.

Right now, anyone who manages to get into the country can usually stay, work, etc. If you have a policy based on good looks, fitness, whatever, then you need to have a process where immigrants who don't fit the policy get returned to their country of origin.

The reason Canada's immigration policy works is:
1. We have a welfare system to support new immigrants.
2. If someone gets to Canada, but they don't like it, they can easily skip the border into the U.S.

The great part about #2 is that it means we don't need to actively enforce our immigration policy.
Feb 23, 2009
If you ignore the political asylum entries, then the U.S. already does that to some extent, which is why so many are jumping our southern border rather than coming in legally. They can't get a legal pass without some good reason to be in our country, like a legitimate backing by a U.S. company or a student visa. This is why everyone should be adamantly FOR tightening our borders. These border jumpers can't find decent work in their own country for whatever reason, and can't pass the simple requirements to enter our country legally. Those reasons are more than enough reason to try to prevent their entry into our country. Every non-national I know (and I know a lot) that got here legally is above 'average'.
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