As most of you know, I draw a comic featuring a guy who inexplicably has no mouth, who lives with a cartoon dog that inexplicably has no mouth. And I end up with Spasmodic Dysphonia, a condition that prevents me from speaking.

Today in the news, the author of the book "100 Things to Do Before You Die" died at the age of 47 after hitting his head at home. That probably wasn't on the list.


Also in the news, a woman accused an actor of pulling down her top in a restaurant. The actor is infamous for his crude behavior, and his name is... wait for it... Andy Dick.


And of course everyone knows the story of fitness guru Jim Fixx who died of a heart attack at age 52. He wrote a book telling people how to, in essence, not die of a heart attack at the age of 52.


With so many famous people doing so many things, some of those things are bound to be ironic. But that might not be the full story. According to studies, people named Dennis are more likely to become dentists.


Being the moist robots that we are, apparently we can accidentally get programmed by tiny cues in the environment. For example, another study showed that people who have overweight friends are more likely to be overweight themselves. The things you associate with, and think about, influence who you are.

This is tricky stuff because you might decide to name your child Richard, hoping the "rich" part would take hold, only to find out he prefers to be called Dick.

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Aug 26, 2008
Check out Wyoming Police Officer John Gay, who goes around to high schools harassing teenage girls for having pictures on MySpace:


Think he was picked on as a kid?
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Aug 26, 2008
Ive noticed that four-fingered people associate themselves with other four-fingered people and all live lives on the back page of section B.

I think Im entitled to an answer.
Aug 26, 2008
Scott said: "The things you associate with, and think about, influence who you are."

Ahhhh, the Law of Attraction still at the forefront of your mindset...and that's good! Still doing affirmations? Using other LOA methods? If not, then why not? Coupled with taking intuitive action, you've got nothing to lose except a bit of time. Don't worry- that Nobel Prize is just around the corner.
Aug 26, 2008
I can't speak for everyone - but I was pretty fat in junior high and made a conscious choice to change my habits of eating and exercise I'm now nearly ready for retirement and still slim and healthy. (I give credit to being genetically blessed as well - thanks mom and dad).

BTW - I played hockey with a guy named Mike Lester. He was listed as "M Lester".
Aug 26, 2008
Check out the Domestic Violence officer in Cookeville, TN who was arrested for, you guessed it, domestic violence:

Aug 26, 2008
Bobman, of COURSE there's causality with fat people.

Think about it, why does anyone eat better or exercise? To look good, usually. And "looking good" usually just waters down to "looking better than my friends." A common thought process is: "Well, I'm gaining some weight, but at least I'm still smaller than Stan!"

The largest person in the group forms a base-line that all others try to stay under. As long as they weigh less than their resident base-line, all is well in their minds. So if you hang out with a guy who weighs 300 pounds you're going to worry less about ordering the large cheesey fries than you would if all your friends weigh 135.

I don't even need a study to know this is true. I feel out of place if I'm the only guy not in a suit. But if no one is wearing one I feel fine. It's the exact same concept here.
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Aug 26, 2008
Oh, so close!!! You almost had a perfect entry. Instead, you had a few too many words. Please eliminate the "to be called" from the last sentence of your blog post, and it will be SOOOOO much funnier.
Aug 26, 2008
I guess that means I should start a blog on how to never be rich, die young and have a truly miserable marriage. I'd publish a book, but that's too much work.

And I wouldn't dismiss the causality on being fat and hanging out with fat people too easily. Some people say there is a virus responsible. I was tempted to laugh at that but then I remembered how people laughed at the guy that claimed that bacteria cause ulcers. They laughed so hard he actually drank a culture of the bacteria in question and promptly got an ulcer which he cured with antibiotics. He now has a Nobel Prize in medicine.
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Aug 26, 2008
My parents named me Robert and now I have turned into a moist Robot. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so....
I have decided not to take chances on my kids taking cues from these subtle hints and have named them Wealthy and Billionaire.
I was thinking earler of Healthy and Successful but then thought, what the heck...?!!
Aug 26, 2008
"For example, another study showed that people who have overweight friends are more likely to be overweight themselves. The things you associate with, and think about, influence who you are."

Or... maybe fat people like hanging out with other fat people? Just because overweight people hang out together doesn't mean they CAUSE each other to be overweight, merely that they associate with each other and are comfortable being with someone with a similar... makeup.

Not every relationship implies causality.
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