I'll be travelling this week, so I don't know how much blogging I will be doing.

About two years ago I started taking magnesium supplements because I saw something on the Internet that indicated it might help my knees problems. (My knees always hurt after exercise.) The magnesium either worked, or it was a remarkable coincidence, that after 15 years of knee pain it suddenly went away and has stayed away.

Recently I realized I haven't had any allergy or asthma symptoms for well over a year. For the first time in my life I went through the entire allergy season without so much as a sniffle or a wheeze. And I didn't even use my allergy or asthma meds. On a hunch, I googled "magnesium allergy" and discovered that doctors sometimes use magnesium to treat asthma attacks. And a magnesium deficiency apparently does promote allergies.

The reader is warned that on the continuum from crackpot to Nobel Price winner, I am much closer to the crackpot side of things. So don't get your medical advice from me. But if you have allergies, and you decide to take magnesium supplements just to see what happens, let me know how it goes.
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Jun 23, 2008
Is there some sort of a connection here?

When I see magnesium wheels on a fine looking car, I get so much wood

you could call me "Big Sur".

Just asking......

Jun 23, 2008
Falsedeity, you are my hero for the day! I am still stifling chuckles as I type this!!!
Jun 23, 2008
To echo and expand on KevinKunreuther's comment.

In addition to making sure that you aren't already getting enough in your diet, it is also important to check with your medical doctor before starting any supplement because taking it may be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions and it may interact with medications you are taking.
Jun 23, 2008
I, too, have started a magnesium supplement. My hair has regrown, my penis grew three inches, I now only date supermodels, and I am more handsome than ever. The only side effect is that I sometimes fart sparks.
Jun 23, 2008
Ask Dogbert.

Mix two parts of Magnesium with one part of Arsenic and a pinch of Cyanide. The combination will take you lightyears away from your problem. No knee, no pain.

God bless you, my son... your knowledge makes us proud...
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Jun 23, 2008
It may just be coincidence or the placebo effect, but when I started taking magnesium I had a decrease in fatigue and elevation of mood. My husband had been having migraines weekly, and went 6 weeks without a migraine from the day he started taking magnesium.

For me, the results seemed marked when I first start taking it, then seem to level off. I tend to forget to bother after a bit, then seem to see the results again when I start again.

Who knows? It is cheap and I can't find any studies indicating it's toxic in anyway, so why not?
Jun 23, 2008
Lets see if the magnesium supplement market benefits from your plug.

Magnesium and iron supplemenmts solved many nagging problems I had also, from chronic RLS, muscle pain, and fatigue. Like a miracle cure.

I also noticed my asthma dissappeared, which was a benefit I wasn't exeting, after a life-long battle.

After two-years on the supplements, I feel like I'm twenty again and in the best shape of my life (at 50).

People shouldn't start taking the supplements without checking with their physician and getting a blood test, whcih can spot these deficiencies. Please post a disclaimer, before someone poison themselves with a magensium overdose.
Jun 23, 2008
Appeal to anecdotal evidence ?

Any comments you get on this topic will almost certainly be wildly biased in favor of your (possibly) crackpot theory, thus re-enforcing it.

Just sayin'.

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Jun 23, 2008

Try a good pair of innersoles.

Jun 23, 2008
SCOTT is traveling this week. DId ya hear that!!!! The STAIN is on the MOVE... as he says...
Jun 23, 2008
Did it affect your bowels? How much did you taie?
Jun 23, 2008
Take you're article and replace "knee problem" with "restless legs" and thats my comment.
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Jun 23, 2008
It's also supposed to be a cure for leaf curl on pepper plants, here's hoping.
Jun 23, 2008

According to Schussler's theory of "Biochemic medicines," a disease is due to any disturbance in the equilibrium of certain inorganic salts in our body. Equilibrium can be re-established simply by taking minute amounts of the deficient salt.

Schussler identified twelve basic salts - one of which is Magnesium Phosphate.

An extract from the internet reads as follows:


For convulsions, epilepsy, cramps and spasmodic affections, neuralgia, sciatica.

It is a constituent of muscles, nerves, brain, bone, spine, teeth and blood corpuscles. It helps to create the white fibres of the muscles and nerves. It uses water and albumen to form the transparent fluid, which nourishes the white threads and fibres of nerves and muscles. The deficiency of this salt allows the fibres to contract, causing spasms, cramps, convulsions and other nervous phenomena. It is a remedy to be thought of in all maladies having their origin in nerve cells and in the muscular tissue. It is particularly indicated in lean, thin, emaciated persons of a highly nervous temperament. Magnesia patient is always languid, tired and easily exhausted. The value of this remedy is shown in all forms of spasms, cramps, tetanus. St. Vitu's dance, epilepsy, spasmodic retention of urine, paralysis agitans, hiccup, whooping cough, chorea. It is the remedy for the neuralgic pains in the head, face, teeth, car, stomach, abdomen etc. spasmodic palpitation of the heart, dysmenorrhoea. Attacks are often attended with great prostration, sometimes with profuse sweat. Valuable remedy for flatulent colic forcing the patient to bend double. Dysentery with cramp-like pains, angina pectoris, sciatica with excruciating spasmodic pains, angina pectoris, sciatica with excruciating spasmodic pain writer's and piano-player's cramps. All pains are lightening-like, shooting or boring, and change their location frequently and are worse on the right side, from cold air, washing in cold water, and from touch. Relieved by warmth pressure, friction and by bending double."

These biochemic medicines are generally available at any homeopathy shop. More information will surely be availabel on the net. Maybe you can try out these also on the way to your Nobel prize. I can attest to their efficacy.

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