Our web site upgrade (BETA) reminds me of a local restaurant in my area. The owner painted the storefront a hideous purple, the sort of color that is an insult to all buildings. He did it without city approval, and it got the residents up in arms. Everyone was talking about the restaurant with the awful color. A month later, the owner repainted with an inoffensive color and everyone was happy. In the meantime, the controversy made this restaurant universally known in the area. I drove past it the other day and it was packed. Damn, I wish I had thought of that idea with my own restaurant.

We weren't nearly that clever with our web site redesign, but something like the purple restaurant happened by accident. The majority of people who left a comment had bitter (and totally valid) complaints. We used way too much Flash, the servers slowed to a crawl, the navigation of strips was klunky, and so on. We plan to fix all of that in the next week or two. The developers won't be getting much sleep. We've already made the site much quicker.

Meanwhile, traffic on Dilbert.com doubled. And the new features, particular the Mash Ups and the archive search functions are a big hit. People either loved that the strips are now in color or hated it, but everyone had a strong opinion. That's what I love about Dilbert readers. It makes my job a lot more interesting.

Linux users were the most vocal in their complaints. (Who saw that coming?) Your numbers are small but your power is mighty. Just for you, we're working on a bare bones page with only the strips, text navigation, and not much else. Look for that in a week or so. You'll be able to jump from there to the main page if you want to experience the new features like regular folk.

In the meantime, you can always use the new (legal) Dilbert RSS feed. It's just the strips, the way you like it. Click here:

We appreciate all the comments. We're looking at them carefully and making changes. Some will say we shouldn't have inflicted this messy Beta version on the public. There's merit to that argument, but if I was worried about embarrassing myself in front of millions of people, I would need a new job.

Thanks for working with me through this upgrade. I apologize for the messy start.

P.S. My blog hasn't officially moved to this page yet. You can read the regular posts at the old site:
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Jun 19, 2008
Being a teenager who watched nearly every episode of dilbert and even loved it enough to purchase the show on dvd, I have to say that I'm happy to see the animation initiative returning. I'd personally rather see the daily animations extended. Maybe do a weekly animation that covers a whole story arch. Maybe you could do Webisodes that are like 10 or 15 min long, like what the critic did in its final online season. I have to say if Futurama can make as big a comeback as it currently is, I don't see why dilbert couldn't. The dilbert tv show was excellent, and so immensely underrated.
Jun 8, 2008
I have read Dilbert online every day for years. Since the new site came out I have stopped reading it regularly because the site is such a steaming pile of !$%*!

What I've been doing is going a few days between readings, and then catching up on several strips at once but gradually I'm going longer and longer, and realizing that there isn't much to miss in the strips themselves anymore anyway.

When you add in the fact that this site represents everything that Dilbert has railed against for so long, I guess it's just time to say goodbye to an old friend.
May 26, 2008
"Meanwhile, traffic on Dilbert.com doubled. And the new features, particular the Mash Ups and the archive search functions are a big hit."

Doubling traffic does not always translate to happy users. The new site is terrible to be honest. It parallel's the release of a managed code operating system that was designed to replace something better than itself. This operating system rhymes with pissed-uh and was released by a major software giant in a town that rhymes with Edmund.

Please repair the pointy-haired sections of the website ??!!! (all 90% of it) ...


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May 20, 2008
Don't know if you've updated the web site since the Beta first came out - but what you've got now is painfully slow and way overloaded with pointless gimmicks. You been letting those engineers run loose again? Seems like a chronic case of rampant featuritus.

Next question, is where did my BC go? It used to be at: http://www.dilbert.com/creators/bc/ but all I get now is a Dilbert 404.

May 20, 2008
I'm glad there's a stripped-down Flashless alternative to this site. For someone who has spent so long skewering marketing people and pointy-haired bosses, this new site is awfully pointy-haired-boss-esque, and bears the noisome smell of marketing people.

Aside from the technical glitches, which I'm confident you will fix over time, I'm put off by not being able to download a particularly pungent strip to send to my computer-challenged friends and relatives who will never visit your site. And "send a link" is not an option, partly because they're not that computer literate, and partly because I wouldn't inflict the site on them-- it's too much trouble explaining how to get back a few days to the strip I think is so funny. by the time they get there it's not funny any more. So please keep up the ability for me to download the graphic and send it directly.

My fear is that your marketing people, who are obviously in charge, will eventually nuke the easy site and force anybody who loves your content to the Flash site.

You're great, Scott. The site sucks, both technically and philosophically.
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May 19, 2008
Well Scott - it looks like you found some folks who had a real large shovel and fisherman's boots .... they dug you out of the mess that the site was when it first came up. The strips, including Sunday, are coming up much better in the email than when the site went live. Let's see if you can keep it up...
May 16, 2008
Please take pity. I'm stuck on DSL (768K) and simply don't have the necessary bandwidth to enjoy Dilbert.
May 13, 2008
Thanks for your comments Scott. I'm STILL waiting for you to change from the hideous purple.
May 11, 2008
Yes, I did it. SO?
May 11, 2008
I created an account with my throwaway email address and logged in just to say that I do not like the new website. It is a pain, and things have gotten to the point where I won't be reading Dilbert any more. It is a comic strip to me, not a way of life. I design computers for a living so some of the strips hit home, but I have other things to do besides wait for pages to load, only to find out I have to go to another page and then .... wait...for...the...strip...to...load. The film-strip framing is very annoying, and I would rather have content in that space. Even if the flash is put on a diet, this is a nuisance.

I imagine most people do not mind, and that this format generates more revenue producing hits, which makes this a smart business move. So, good luck. Work hard, have fun, make money. (I think that is what Dogbert said) But I think I'm done with this nonsense.
May 10, 2008
Scott... you didn't post my comment so I'm having another go.

Two tips:
1. Less is more
2. If it ain't broken, don't fix it

The new site is a damn pain in the fanny.
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May 9, 2008
The increase in traffic isn't being caused by your wonderful "improvments". It's being caused by all the people coming here to find out why they are no longer getting their daily Dilbert email. I haven't received mine since 19 April. I've even signed up with two different (and new) email addresses to eliminate server problems and still... No daily Dilbert...
May 8, 2008
One more thing: The bold "User Name" listed before everyone's user name on this blog is not only unneccessary, but it looks absolutely atrocious. Ditch it and make the names more prominent.
May 8, 2008
This site, and the content therein, is becoming harder and harder to enjoy. Suggestions?

1) Don't make me sign up to post a comment, and certainly don't ask me for my first/last names, birthdate, country, etc. It's not needed. That "must comply with child protection" !$%*!$%* is exactly that - !$%*!$%*. Lying about your age to sign up to a site like this is more than easy - a check box asking "are you older than 13" would do the same thing and not request people to cough up personal information.
2) If you are going to force people to login to post a comment, at least have the decency to support something like OpenID so I don't have to create yet another pointless account in a closed garden just to have a whinge about something. Feedback is about open communication, closed gardens are not.
3) Stop cutting your posts short via RSS. I like to read the content of your blog, I don't want to have to leave my reader to read it. If it doesn't appear in its entirity in my reader, I'll just skip over it. After a while I'll probably remove it altogether. Please don't force me to come to the site which is slow, and tough to interact with.
4) Why have you intermingled your blog with a bunch of other crap? Your blog is interesting, I like to read your thoughts and whatnot. But the "All in one super duper feed with a bucketload of crap containing every article ever posted" is just too much. I can't stand all the other marketing/sales !$%*!$%*. Perhaps you can provide an RSS feed with JUST your blog content? It's bad enough that your RSS doesn't display the entire article, but this is just beyond a joke. The value of your RSS has diminished hugely, and so are its chances of sticking around in my reader.
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May 7, 2008
It was so funny, so clever, so cruelly accurate, so right to the point. Dilbert does not need all these gadgets.
I smell marketing people around. Ugh...
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May 6, 2008
I agree - the beta site is absolutely atrocious! Please could you reinstate the old one while working on the myriad problems with the beta. You may care to include an obvious way to change your password - I'd forgotten mine and had to get it reset. The email with the new password suggested I change it - but where can I do that? Not in My Account - which is where it should be. Arrgh!
May 4, 2008
What happen to the Sand box??????????
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May 4, 2008
Astonishingly, the Sunday strip still doesn't work at /fast and still doesn't work on the official RSS feed.
May 1, 2008
I am a Linux user. I do (now) enjoy the animations. And I think some of the mashups are clever. My complaint was never about the look of the new site. My complaint was that the browser check kept me for being able to enjoy some of the new features. When I viewd the source, I saw that there was no valid reason for denying the Linux/Firefox user the full experience of the site. It was a bone headed browser check with no reason to support it.

I was made to feel like a 2nd class citizen by a 3rd rate web developer.
May 1, 2008
The new web site is a pain. Can we bring back a black and white strip option - no colour just the way I see it in the paper.
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