I love pirates. I love their parrots, their wooden legs, their eye patches, and obviously their AAARGS! But I have never loved pirates more than the day they seized a fully laden supertanker off the coast of Somalia.


We should have seen this coming. I blame Obama and his whole "Yes I can" philosophy. Suddenly even the pirates are thinking big. Six months ago these pirates were probably robbing convenience stores. After they saw Obama get elected president, they figured anything was possible.

The funny part is that they are probably right. No one is going to start shooting in the general direction of a supertanker (except pirates), and the pirates have an excellent track record for releasing hostages unharmed for a price. It looks like this scheme might work.

I wish I had seen the meeting where they first cooked up this supertanker plot. There must have been a whole lot of audacity of hope, and obviously some potent cannabis. I wonder if the other pirates laughed when one of them suggested the idea, or if it sounded like a good plan right from the start. And is there a Somalian pirate equivalent of the catch phrase "That's just crazy enough to work!"?

I have to wonder where this trend will stop. If you are hijacking supertankers, it can't be that much of a leap to complete the distribution chain and make some real money. Somewhere in Somalia a band of pirates is passing a bong and designing logos for their chain of gas stations. I can see it now: You get a free eye patch with every tank, and the price is always AAAARG!

Today only, all of your comments should incorporate AAAARG!

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Nov 21, 2008
AAARGS! You could see this coming, http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/proposed-new-bailout-plan, a pirate bailout plan. You-ho-ho and a initial derivative placement! AAARGS!
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Nov 20, 2008
AAAARG! I can't believe Michael Howlett, assistant director of the International Maritime Bureau in London, is ignorant enough to say "This is completely unprecedented," about Islamic piracy in Africa. Piracy has been a major industry in Northern Africa since before the US was born! He must have failed all History courses dealing with the Mediterranean and/or America. The US fought two "wars" against the "Barbary Coast" pirates. That is where the line "shores of Tripoli" comes from in the Marine Hymn.
On the other hand, one man's pirate is another man's hero. One of America's greatest naval heroes (John Paul Jones) was considered a pirate by the Brits. You'd think an educated Brit working for the "International Maritime Bureau in London" would be a little better informed about pirates than some doofus reading a blog (I am referring to myself here). AAAARG!
Nov 20, 2008
Truly, if the pirates were to secure the whole means of production, the citizens of Earth would be slave to AAAAAARGHonomics.
Nov 20, 2008
William Langewiesche has written an excellent book about contemporary pirates called, "The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos, and Crime." This pirating has been going on for a while. Among the reasons it is successful; ships are so big that pirates can come on board, steal stuff, then leave without detection. Also, they want the ransom and almost always leave hostages unhurt and the ship undamaged. Ship owners usually pay the ransom which is a pittance compared to the cost of the ship and their overall business.
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Nov 19, 2008
Indian warship!!Attack!!!!

Wow, what's that thing coming toward us?


Nov 19, 2008
AAARGS! With the global economy being so bad, it looks like the Indians are wanting to go after the pirate outsourcing market ("India navy sinks suspected pirate 'mother ship'" http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27766333/?GT1=43001). AAARGS!
Nov 19, 2008
Looks like these pirates have raised the baaaaarrrgh!
Nov 19, 2008
I have to wonder if the pirating business is quite the lucrative venture that it appeared to be at first glance. . . since the Indian navy blew up the pirate ship and all the pirates.

Arrrrrrr. . . that'll make you rethink your business plan.
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Nov 19, 2008
To get from supertanker to fuelling station they'll need a refinery. In the absence of any conveniantly located refineries to hijack, I'm an engineer, I'm sure I could knock something together for them (for a price, to be paid in gold dubloons and pieces of eight). Should be easier than normal, I doubt the Health & Safety inspectors will be round that often, which will remove several layers of hassle...

Nov 19, 2008
guys with so little imagination and sense of imagination like arbyisme are almost danterous.

Nov 19, 2008
There was this awesome Caribbean guy I used to work with, had a mad beard and decorated himself with amazing egyptian jewelery, always with ancient historical significance. He was born and lived on on a boat for the first few years of his life coz his parents were Caribbean pirates, he has no country of origin. How utterly boring and ordinary does that make me feel? A LOT - that's how much.
Anyway... In the spirit of all things piratey - YARR!

Nov 19, 2008
- Right you are boys, let’s be a diggin now
- How deep goes she, cap,n?
- Deep enoughs to cover a supertanker me lads, so bend ye backs to the task, whiles I draws up a map.
- Yaaaarrrr!!
- YYYaaaaaRRRR!!!!

Nov 19, 2008
“Right you are boys, let’s be a diggin’ now”
“How deep goes she, cap,n?”
“Deep enoughs to cover a supertanker me lads, so bend ye backs to the task, whiles I draws up a map.”
Nov 18, 2008
Doesn't this remind you of the movie Water World?
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Nov 18, 2008
Avast ye landlubbers - yea'll be plum flummoxed by the next step in arrrre plan - keep yer eye on ebay and bid on the supertanker - we be pirates with high speed!

Paypal only please!

Nov 18, 2008
"This is completely unprecedented," said Michael Howlett, assistant director of the International Maritime Bureau in London, which tracks pirate attacks. I like this comment, especially if you strip it of its intent, you could think to yourself, "I can't believe this guy hasn't seen at least one Pirates of the Caribbean movie." Since movies and video games impact people to do crazy things, like shoot other people, we really should have seen this coming with how popular the PotC movies were.

Nov 18, 2008
They heard the supertanker got a better WI-FI connection to download illegal music on Napster. Arrgh.
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Nov 18, 2008
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Nov 18, 2008
Pirate 1- Let's attack that there tanker!
Pirate 2- What's the stategy?
Pirate 1- Shoot the hull with our cannons and whatch the show!
Pirate 2- But then we won't make any hostage money.
Pirate 3- Ever heard of fun? Besides, two more attacks and we can retire.
Pirate 2- OK, but I shoot this time.
Pirate 1- Wait until we get far enough. I SAID WAIT!!!
(cataclysmic explosion)
News Flash- Oil prices have gone up by 2% today. Now, to our sports center.
Nov 18, 2008
Pirates can be fun if looked at through rose colored glasses. Hollywood, Disney, cheap novels and the comic books have made pirates romantic figures. Young Jim Hawkins has a soft spot for the notorious leader of pirates Long John Silver in Treasure Island, a masterful work and much loved children's story.

Sorry but there is nothing romantic or socially redeeming about thugs that murder, steal, rape, pillage, terrorize, rob, smuggle and kidnap. Anybody past the age of 10 buying into the glorification of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Robin Hood and Jessie James and other infamous legendary images are sadly misguided. These animals were common low life criminals, a drag on society. Modern day pirates are no better.

The pirates of Somalia are terrorist from a land that has often fostered piracy clear back to to the 16th century. This modern day infestation along the East African Coast is condemned by every civilized nation in the world. The pirates life is often brought on by poverty, ignorance and living in a savage land.

This current group thrive on their strategic location to the one of the world busiest shipping lanes. They are embolden even more as their lawless country with no legitimate government continues to disintegrate into anarchy. Last pictures I saw of them not one had an eye patch, parrot or a wooden leg. AAAARG !!!
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