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Feb 18, 2014
A commentary on HuffPo readership.

And these strips? Easiest drawing ever.
Feb 15, 2014
[... transferred into the bodies of robots ... do they die or do they become "Ghosts in the Machine"? ]

And do they retain any extension or connection they originally had in the higher dimension spaces? We don't know. The robot self might not be the whole self. Comparing the higher dimension spaces to geography centuries ago, think we are at the stage where cartographers gave it their best guess, based on sailor's anecdotes, and drew sea monsters on the map.
Feb 15, 2014
Going along with half of people believing in ghosts...

Feb 15, 2014
The other RRN strips made sense in a robots-point-of-view way, this one not so much. I doubt it would be better if I actually knew anything about the Huffington Post.
Feb 15, 2014
I've got a feeling Scott is trying to start a new strip and is testing it on us. Maybe a web strip. He's a system guy so you know there's some skill he's working towards.

I think it needs a related image or some logo by the robot. Like RRN in an appropriate font or something. Perhaps try new versions of the robot, say sans antenna on top. Maybe have a robot talking heads roundtable for the sunday strip.

[System indeed. I don't have a specific goal. -- Scott]
Feb 15, 2014
Not a fan of these strips. They were clearly made for the purpose of conveying your opinion, which is fine, but you're too obvious about it, and their not particularly funny. You're just trying to frame your ideas in a humorous context, but it ends up seeming bizarre and forced.
Feb 15, 2014
If future generations of humans have their consciousness’s transferred into the bodies of robots like Scott postulates in a prior “Robot Read News” strip, do they die or do they become "Ghosts in the Machine"?
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Feb 15, 2014
Liberals are broken people.

Only liberals read the huffington post.
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