It looks as if scientists will one day be able to manipulate genes to create super humans. I hope it happens soon.


The thing that most interested me is the ability to borrow features from one species and embed them in another. I can't wait to get my tail and wings. Flying monkeys got a bad reputation from The Wizard of Oz, but I can't think of a cooler way to go. Obviously I wouldn't wear the bell hop costume, or even pants. But that's okay because I would be covered with fur, everywhere except for my genetically enhanced giraffe-style genitalia. I'd be giving up something in terms of aerodynamics, but you have to make tradeoffs.

I think most people would want to have wings if they had the option. But it would be a mistake to choose the form factor of a bird. You want to go with the monkey design for your fuselage so you get the gripping hands and feet. You don't want to have giraffe-style genitalia and nothing but two scratchy feet and a beak. That's just asking for trouble.

The most exciting part of this wonderful future is that when you can fly, the whole world is your toilet. You might want to avoid any homes that have anti-winged-monkey artillery, and there might be a lot of that in the future, but everywhere else is fair game.

Some people might manipulate their genes to become smarter. I think that's a mistake, especially after you become a winged monkey. The smarter you are, the more easily bored you will be. I want to be happy all the time so I'd trim 40% off my IQ and get some new hobbies such as collecting rocks that are roundish, or running for Congress.

Well, I can dream.

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Jan 20, 2009
So now I'm going to be googling "giraffe genitalia"? Good grief.
Jan 20, 2009
I think reading this post just knocked 40% off my IQ. Thanks, I guess.
Jan 20, 2009
"The smarter you are, the more easily bored you will be."

That must be why you find so many brilliant scientists and other smart people hanging out in bars or watching soap operas on TV. Oh, wait, you don't.
Jan 20, 2009
I actually have several friends whose babies' lives were saved by medical science, whose problems were genetic defects. So, what are their grandchildren going to do? The gene pool is getting increasingly polluted by deadly conditions. In the big picture, that puts us in the position that if we are not to be baby killers, we must pursue genetic engineering. It is the price of low infant mortality.
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Jan 20, 2009
Paging Dr. Moreau.
Jan 20, 2009
I believe the first step into gene manipulations as already happened. Many couples have sought medical help to conceive of a child through in vitro fertilization. The doctor fertilizes several eggs and asks the simple question “would you like a girl or boy?” and genetic manipulation has begun.

This is seen as pretty innocuous as the child’s genes remain 100% the parents and thus is natural. But as science advances, soon doctors will ask “would you like to test for any medical conditions in the fertilized eggs prior to implanting the embryo?” It would be silly to say no. As science advances further the testing possibilities would become more and more pervasive (height, eye color intelligence), all the while the child’s gene would be 100% inherited from the parents. (Just the best of the parents.)

The government through public policy will have little chance to stop this behaviour as politicians like to stay away from bedroom issues and in any case it would be too easy to accomplish this type of breeding outside the country. Eventually, parents will feel the pressure from society and their friends to bread this way in order to do the best for their children. For parents it will just be a matter of “keeping up with the Jones”.

$20,000 and you can pick the best embryo out of 100 from your own genes; Beats investing in real estate.
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Jan 20, 2009
But if you have giraffe sized genitals you'd either have be celebate or mate with something that has similar sized female genitals. I don't imagine a lot of women are going to opt for that kind of genetic alteration. So essentially you'll be a monkey, flying around with an impressive package, but who can only use it with giraffes, hippos, elephants, walrus etc... and personally, having considered this very thing many times over, I don't think a winged monkey is going to fare very well during a roll in the hay with a walrus.
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Jan 20, 2009
Is there a species that has good muscle tone? I don't think it is too much to ask to keep my nipples closer to my chin than my feet....
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