I'm doubling down on my prediction that Edward Snowden will someday return to the United States, run for president on a third-party platform, and win in a landslide.

This assumes two things, both of which seem likely to me:

1. Snowden someday gets a presidential pardon or he decides to come back and endure a public trial that he wins because 12 jurors of his peers won't convict the guy who went after the government on their behalf.

2. The government of the U.S. continues its downward spiral of credibility.

I wasn't sure Snowden was smart enough to pull off a presidential win until I read his response to the criticism of his recent appearance on Russian TV in which he asked Putin a question about Russian surveillance. Some pundits thought he was being a puppet for Putin, and I'd have to assume Putin was hoping he would be just that.

Today Snowden slipped a shiv into Putin with this open letter. You think Snowden is sitting on a bean bag chair, but no, those are his gonads.

What really caught my attention was his writing style. If your eyes are the mirror of your soul, I think your writing style is the mirror of your mind. Maybe it's the writer-nerd in me, but I feel I can tell a lot by how people form thoughts on paper. It's quite possible that someone helped him with the writing, or at least the editing, but it reads like the work of a single author. So I'm going to say he wrote it and perhaps someone gave it an edit polish. And if he wrote it, he's the real deal.

I assume if he comes back to the U.S. he will be the victim of some interesting smear compaigns. But I think he'll survive them. Depending on the sources of the smears, it could make him stronger.

Does anyone agree with my prediction? (I'd be surprised if you do.)


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Apr 18, 2014
president? no... I don't think it's likely Obama will pardon him and the best he'd do at trial is a hung jury & even THAT assumes fair jury selection & presiding judge, neither of which I see the government allowing to happen and hung juries can simply be retried (with more carefully selected jury pools & judges) ad infinitum until the desired verdict is obtained.

assuming by some miracle he clears that hurdle (favorable criminal adjudication) a large part of the population is emotionally invested in their perception of him as traitor and as you have pointed out in past Dilbert's people that emotionally invested in an opinion will stay in a burning building out of obstinance if someone they dislike politically pulls the fire alarm (I swear W could wipe out an entire university faculty this way).

assuming by some miracle you change enough of those minds there's still the major party's smear machines, his complete lack of anything resembling management/leadership experience, etc.

what I would LOVE to see (though I'm not holding my breath) is a future president name him to the national security counsel in an oversight/advisory role! he's clearly got the brain for it & an interest in the subject (since he's spent most of his career in the field)
Apr 18, 2014
Well, Im not going to surprise you then, because no, I dont agree with your prediction. You're confusing your desires with what is likely to happen. There are several elements to your prediction:
A) Snowden gets a pardon
B) Snowden decides on a run for president.
C) Snowden goes third party
D) Snowden manages to persuade enough folks to forget the issues theyve voted on in the past (or manages to persuade enough folks that the issues they vote on are issues he supports) long enough to get elected in a landslide.

The probability of this happening are A*B*C*D. In other words, less than the least likely of those four things.
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