In the early days of Dilbert, when something interesting or crazy happened in the world, I often included it in the comic. My ultimate goal was to someday reverse the chain of cause and effect, so I could write the comic first, and have reality correspond to Dilbert soon after. Obviously, in order to get from the old system of causation to the new one, I'd need to pass through a period in which Dilbert and reality are happening simultaneously. I think that started today. Check out Dilbert for February 13th and this article from Newsweek published the same day.

If things are going according to plan, I will soon be able to control reality through Dilbert. Let's test that concept. The Dilbert comic I'm drawing today will involve the stock market rising, and it will be published on April 16th.  The comic will appear before the markets open in the United States. Mark your calendars so you can see if the broad market has a solid up day.

For legal reasons, I probably need to disclose that I own stocks in the broad market indexes. And in case it wasn't obvious, it probably isn't a good idea to make investment decisions based on comic strips or the predictions of cartoonists.

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Feb 13, 2012
So what happens when someone uses the computer in their head to hack into someone else head?
Feb 13, 2012
Perhaps you could create a Dilbert where, on April 21, 2012, Dilbert predicts that the next full moon will be May 6, 2012. When people gasp in disbelief as they see, on May 6, that the moon is, in fact, full, you will be worshipped as the man-god you are.

I'm sure that shortly thereafter, with people having realized your prescience and omniscience, you will be unanimously declared Emperor of the Earth by the leaders of all countries on the planet. Shortly thereafter, the world will live in pure bliss under the benign dictatorship and absolutely infallible direction of that most perfect of humans: you.

We will all wait breathlessly for that perfect day.
Feb 13, 2012
That's a poor example. People have been working on (and writing articles about) mind-reading for years. This isn't even a major advance over the article I read last November in Scientific American.
Feb 13, 2012
Not surprising to me that I did read Dilbert this morning, but don't ever read Newsweek. Also not surprising that while my presidential candidate of choice has been actively working on this new technolgoy (what have the other candidates been doing today) that the Newsweek article references Steven Speilberg's work in the area. Said work being completed years ago with Tom Cruise doing the heavy lifting.
Feb 13, 2012
I shouldn't say anything, but I've gotten rich off of this: Every time your comic has an even number of words, the market goes up the next day, and if your comic has an odd number of words the market invariably goes down the next day.

Also, on days when the market is closed, if Dilbert says the word 'KILL' in the last frame, a famous celebrity singer always dies.

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Feb 13, 2012

Expect happening soon:

On Dilbert.com,

Dilbert makes his first million. Wally swallows a coffee maker. PHB wakes up in Tibet.

In the real world,

Asteroid strikes Silicon Valley. Nestle goes bankrupt. Dalai Lama retires.

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