I was one of Enron's victims when that company manipulated the energy prices in California and looted the residents.
A recent report on 60 Minutes described how big banks, speculators, and hedge funds caused oil prices to skyrocket in 2008 despite falling demand and rising supply. I got screwed in that deal just like the rest of you.

And of course there was the Dotcom stock bubble that cost lots of people a bundle, thanks to the many unscrupulous financial "experts" and lying CEOs who made it possible.

Some would argue that the war on terror is really about channeling taxpayer money to the military industrial complex. I don't think that's the whole story, but the war in Iraq probably wouldn't have happened unless someone was sure to make a profit.

Then there was the bogus move to ethanol that made food prices skyrocket. Thank you lobbyists!

Now the housing bubble and the mortgage backed derivatives are picking my pocket along with yours.

And don't get me started about Bernie Madoff, although I think I dodged that specific bullet. It's hard to tell.

This got me wondering who will screw us next. You know someone is manipulating the market whenever you see a bubble, a relatively sudden shortage, a scare, or any investment that is too complicated to understand. Armed with that knowledge, where is the next bubble, scam, scare, or artificial shortage?

The obvious next candidate for a financial disaster involves all the government money intended to stimulate the economy. It's the biggest game in town for 2009, so every crook in a suit is figuring out how to get a piece of that action. I'm sure the upcoming administration means well, but the criminals have improved their methods since the New Deal. Watch out for any sort of confusing organization or fund that gets created to manage and distribute the stimulus money. We could save time by arresting those guys in advance.

I expect another financial disaster to be in the "green" field. Look for more inexplicable shortages, bubbles, and of course confusing investment opportunities in that area, possibly in conjunction with the stimulus funding. Many companies in that industry already had a good run up in stock prices, but I think that's just the beginning. If you don't see Warren Buffet investing in that area, there might be a good reason.

Health care costs are going through the roof in the U.S. One assumes that increase is a simple function of an aging population, rising costs, malpractice insurance, patented treatment options, etc. I'd watch that area for the next big scam or bubble. It seems ripe because everyone already expects those prices to keep rising quickly.

You have been warned.
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Jan 14, 2009

Depending on where you live, you might try hooking your HD TV up to an antenna. The BEST quality of HD comes over the air - for free. The Cable and Sat people tend to compress the digital signal to save band width.

Also, there are a couple of great 30 inch CRT HD sets. I have a Phillips, for example, and it is great. Same picture advantages as your old CRT - but also just as heavy and deep. And football in real HD is worth the price by itself.

Good luck!
Jan 14, 2009
I pretty much agree with you. I fear Madoff (as in "That guy MADE OFF with my money") is just the one who spectacularly got caught. The technique he was using was probably used by plenty of other swindlers.

I figure, if the MSM is pushing it, it is probably a scam (example: man made global warming). You can't assume that just because "everyone says so" that something is a good deal.

Trust is one of the biggest casualties of this series of messes. Without trust (in our institutions and leaders), it will be tough to stimulate the economy. (and throwing money at the very stooges who created the problem is a REALLY BAD solution.)
Jan 14, 2009
That has to be one of the most perceptive analyses I have seen on the status quo. It's like the Daily Show in print. As for who will screw us next, I kind of think we're getting it through every hole we've got right now so it will be the ones offering to help get someone off us that do it to us next. Yeah, the people claiming to fix the housing mess or help the economy or prevent deflation. Crooks in suits.
Am I the only one that thinks deflation is such a bad thing? I mean there has been no wage inflation in this country for some time. The tech sectors get hit by outsourcing and H1-B immigrant labor. Manufacturing hit by competition, lack of foresight etc. Our wages go down, we cannot borrow money therefore we spend less. Only those who can offer what we like for less will thrive. If food and housing and gas all cost less here in America, we can work for less and be more competitive. This means being cheap (and hyperconservative with your investments) is the moral high road.
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Jan 14, 2009
The crooks already covered all basic stuff: foods, drugs industries, housing, oil, investments.
The next big crooks may have something to do with the car industry, the internet, and the war in Middle East.
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Jan 14, 2009
I am sure you are right. But, I also agree with your belief that the problems we see coming are not the ones that hurt. Thanks to your post we can now rule out being screwed by green companies or the healthcare system. I feel safer already. Now we just have to be paranoid about everything else. The criminals yet to be.

No one ever suspects the well meaning cartoonist.
Jan 14, 2009
Thats very true. I too was wondering how Oil came from $145 to $45 a barrel. There is an explanation to it. But the bigger question is who brought it to $145.

In my view next bubble is economies of India and China. They may also bust soon.
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Jan 14, 2009
You said it Dilgal. Those crooks in suits are more dangerous to our common welfare than any thug in a mask. China had the right idea when they executed their head of quality control for accepting bribes. They figured out that wearing a suit and wielding power doesn't mean a guy gets to plead extenuating !$%*!$%*!$%*!$
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