On July 29th I wrote in this blog that I fantasize about being a candidate for President and using the line “My opponent thinks voters are stupid.” I opined that it would be a killer line and make world headlines.


On September 6th, Obama was talking about Republicans in his speech and said, “I mean come on, they must think you’re stupid!” It made world headlines:


I figured it was a coincidence. It’s not as if the Obama campaign is reading The Dilbert Blog. But yesterday Google Alert vacuumed up a mention of my name from some corner of the Internet and delivered it to the BlackBerry in my left front pant pocket. I learned that strangers with no credibility have put me on the list of Top-10 Web Celebrities for 2008-2009. To my surprise, someone is actually reading this blog. I always thought all the comments here were from one crazy stalker pretending to be different people.


The odd thing about blogging, or writing a book, is that you never know who is paying attention. But I do expect a lot of people will visit this blog on Monday when I release the results of my survey of economists, assuming that happens as planned.

One of the things that get me out of bed in the morning is having at least one project brewing that could change the world, no matter how unlikely. My survey of economists fits that model. I don’t expect it to affect this election, but there is a non-zero chance it will change the type of information voters demand. Ideally, someone else would fund a study of economists next year. (It is pricey.)

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Sep 11, 2008
Hey some of the blogs in your old blog's archive are missing :(

Isn't there any way to recover them ??
Sep 11, 2008
kls says:
"I always thought all the comments here were from one crazy stalker pretending to be different people."

I assure you this isn't true. On most days, there is a comment that isn't from me or one of my aliases.

That's just Scott pretending to be a reader...
Sep 11, 2008
When people bash President Bush about the economy, they usually mark the ownward turn as being at the beginning of his Presidency... without ever mentioning the events of 9/11 and their inevitable after-effects. The airlines all nearly went broke, for one thing. Even a Democrat president would have had to push for expensive government spending to deal with the terrorist situation. It wasn't going to go away by simply ignoring it.

Whatever other way I may disagree with him and his policies, I say God Bless George W. Bush for putting duty ahead of political expediency. I think history will be much kinder - and fairer - to him than many Americans have been.
Sep 11, 2008
ou the Man!

~Stupid Voter
Sep 11, 2008
Well, that's all well and good. But once again, you're addressing a single issue in a vacuum, as though there is no interrelation between the various topics presidents are expected to address. And your choice of 'experts' is quite limited, and thus suspect. Let me elaborate:

Your choice of economists to discuss the economic effects of a particular presidential candidate is one-dimensional. Let's say you were doing a poll on which presidential candidate was more qualified to handle the war on terror or the war in Iraq. Would you commission a poll of leading generals and admirals? Almost certainly not, because those people live in the real world and, while well educated, are not pure academics; moreover, they would not come out with something that matches your world view. More likely, you would pick a group of university political science professors, which would give you what is, to you, a more palatable result.

That's what you're doing with this poll of economists. You're not going to poll, say, CEOs of businesses, oh no. That would be too real-world. You prefer the world of theory, unsullied by the vagaries of reality. Because of that, your poll will be an interesting academic exercise, but will have little applicability to the real issues at hand.

It's also pretty clear that such 'experts' are quite often wrong. Look at the 'experts' who predicted that last year's hurricane season would be horrific due to global warming, for example. All they're doing is guessing, based on their pre-existing biases. An educated guess is still a guess, and a biased guess is not a guess at all - it's simply a political opinion.

However, you are welcome to spend your money in any way you want. At the same time, you probably could have found a better use for it - say, another plasma TV for Stacey's?
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Sep 11, 2008
"I always thought all the comments here were from one crazy stalker pretending to be different people."

I assure you this isn't true. On most days, there is a comment that isn't from me or one of my aliases.
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Sep 11, 2008
So, did you have anything to do with that whole lips on a pig sticker thing? Or pig lips on a stick? Or whatever?
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Sep 11, 2008
Hi Scott,

You need to syndicate your study. Next time start out at each primary and rate politicians economic stances based on a survey of economists. You can then rank the candidates overall and by specific policy. Then you sell you results to the candidates. They get to say voted best overall economic policy by Scott Adams. Just make sure you have other categories such as best tax policy and best energy policy, etc. That way multiple candidates will buy the report and pay you a licensing fee to use the survey and Scott Adams brand name in advertising.

People may hate me for this, but there still might be some time to sell your results. Bounce it off the candidates and see who might pay for a top ten web celebrity's survey of economists endorsement.

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Sep 11, 2008
I'm sure your economic survery is very useful. But it's useful to only top 10% of the population.
There are interesting articles in that website, one of them said something like the average Joe does not think when he votes, he votes based on his core belief which will never change.

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Sep 11, 2008
I would just like to point out that this survey is a survey of American economists.
I was asked to participate to the survey, being part of the American Economics Association. However the second question was "Are you a citizen of the United States", which I am not---hence I could not complete the survey.
Now it is known that the average opinions of economists may vary somewhat geographically, with European economists typically more concerned with inequality, and Americans more concerned with efficiency (only talking about averages here, and that's not a huge effect anyway).
So do keep in mind, when you see the results, that even within among economists opinions vary on many issues!
An economist saying, by the way:
"Economists have the least influence on policy where they know the most and are the most agreed; they have the most influence where they know the least and disagree most vehemently" (I think the quote is by John Kay)
Sep 11, 2008
I'm pretty sure the poll of economists will come out in McCain's favor considering when it was done. Obama has since changed his tax plan, as he recently said he'd keep the Bush tax cuts if we were in an economic downturn, which implied that tax increases on the wealthy would hurt the economy (something that had been denied previously.) Due to this fact, I'm guessing economists advised him of the effects of tax increases and made him change his rhetoric. So, since the poll was done prior to that, it should favor McCain.

In other news, McCain is trading up from Obama at 50.9 to 48 on Intrade, which predicts the likelihood of a candidate winning, as people "bet" on it. This was proven to be a very accurate predictor which got every Senate race correct in 2004.
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Sep 11, 2008
Will be interesting to see who's the economy master. Personally, as a Canadian, I hope it's McCain. After the crap the US has been pulling for the last 8 years I'd prefer that the guy able to fix the economy for the US, and by proxy Canada, will be a decrepit old man who chose a VP that is a creationist, anti-abortion, zealot while surrounding himself with lobbyists. http://www.alternet.org/election08/96395/?page=entire

Of course, even seeing more preventable suffering and the continued rise of stupidity in the US won't make up for the lives lost when McCain decides to hit Iran but those are the breaks I guess...
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Sep 11, 2008
Just to let you know, I'm not the same poster as susiebert - we're different.

Thanks for your investment in the study. I'm the same way - I've got to keep something personally exciting to me going each day.
Sep 11, 2008
You might not think we're out here, but there are obviously a lot of us waiting to see what nuggets of wisdom drop from you to us lowly peons.

AKA susiebert
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