I was thinking about how different our lives will be as cell phone technology continues to improve. Someday your phone will be your only computer, and your home will have a screen in every room that senses the proximity of any phone that approaches. Push a button on your phone and it will take over any nearby screen to display a movie, recorded TV show, or music video. You could browse the web on the big screen, or create a Word document. You might want a wireless keyboard in some rooms, but for most applications your phone would control the cursor and allow you to do minor typing.

If you have no nearby screen, the phone could project a larger image onto any surface. That technology is already on the market.

As you walk from room to room, your TV show or music would automatically follow you, at least in your own home, assuming no one else has control of the screens in those rooms. And your phone would be the universal remote control for everything in the home, including lights, temperature, and security.

When you go to work, you simply approach your cubicle and the phone in your pocket wakes up the screen and becomes its processor, communicating with the screen and the Internet. The phone would have massive data storage, and back itself up automatically over the Internet. If you lose your phone, all you need is your security codes and passwords to be up and running with a new phone in an hour.

Wallets will become relics. Just wave your phone near a point of sale terminal, enter your PIN code on the phone and your bank account will be debited. Or perhaps by then your phone will read your thumb print to verify your identity.

When you shop, just wave your phone over the bar code on a product and see reviews and comparisons.

As you approach your car, it senses your phone's proximity and unlocks the doors nearest you and adjusts the seats for you.

All of this technology already exists in some form, or will soon. In the future, the only computer you will ever need will be in your pocket.

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May 19, 2009
Will this device arrive at the same time as my flying car, or just before it?
May 19, 2009
The problem I see with much of this is the security aspect. Sure with your car you could share a PGP key or something and never have to transmit any non-encrypted data. However, using your phone to transmit bank info to a POS terminal is nowhere near secure. Even if you were to send it encrypted data, at some point you'd have to send it the encryption key somehow. If you do that wirelessly, it could easily be captured.

Streaming videos and Internet access I can see. Financial transactions directly to a POS terminal? No thank you.
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May 19, 2009
"the only computer you will ever need will be in your pocket." Or are you just happy to see me? heh heh.
May 19, 2009
Assuming that trends will last forever is moronic.

just like desktop cpus hit a wall with heat and density limitations, the same wall exists for handheld devices.

Also, information theory puts unbreakable boundaries on digital communication (and specifically wireless since it's a very noisy channel).

The omni-device that you described has so many usability issues that only a retard would even want one, it will make your life harder, not easier.

The real future is "software as a service" at a level that you don't have to carry anything around with you.

you will have 'disposable' hand-held devices that you will borrow for a dollar from something like a news-stand do whatever you want through web 8.0 applications and when you're done (when the battery is dead), you'll put it in something like a mailbox for recycling.

from that hand-held you'll be able to do lot's and lots of stuff. but not because the device itself is so advanced.

At work and at-home you'll still have a PC that can do cutting edge amazing stuff, they will always be better than hand-held devices at what they do so why not enjoy that?

of course adding terminals around the house that can access the PC or server will become popular but it won't have anything to do with an advanced hand-held device.

You are becoming a technology have-not at your old age.

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May 19, 2009
Much as I love Dal_Tiger's view of the future: ("Honest, Mom. It wasn't me. My butt-spasm threw the party."), I prefer to wallow in a darker view (cue ominous music):

The year is 2044. Citizens of Oceania are equipped from birth with their "little bro chips". "Your World, Your Way" is little bro's motto. Every physical surface is a screen. Your every interaction with the world from the news and music you hear to the colors you perceive, the style of furniture and clothing others wear is customized to your personal preference. You can even edit the words you hear others speak to you to suit your personal needs. You believe God is in control of the minutia of daily life? Your news, your interactions with the world all reinforce that belief. Don't like to think about human suffering? No problem. You can edit it entirely out of your personal perception of the world. Wife a bit of a nag? Tweak the chip and she's all praise for your manly gaming skills.

Hey, there could be a novel in here somewhere... Couldn't call in 2084, though. The world wouldn't last that long.
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May 19, 2009
The only thing this phone is missing is a game where girls can pick out clothes and accessories.
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May 19, 2009
Ah yes, the perfect life ... for a robot, or a zombie.
May 19, 2009
There's an app for that.
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May 19, 2009
Shades of Dr. Who and Gattaca... ;^)
May 19, 2009
I remember how excited I was back in 2003 when I graduated from high school and I could finally afford my first cell phone. I remember it had a green screen background, and absolutely no colors would display on the screen. If you had told me your prediction at that time, I would have thought you were a little bit nuts.

Flash forward to today, and thanks to the innovations of the iPhone and various smartphone manufacturers, I can almost guarantee that your prediction will come true and then some. I envision a day where a person's cell phone can access everyone's medical records, and upon entry to a nearby hospital ER, all of your personal info and past medical history will automatically be uploaded into the hospital's database to reduce patient wait times. I think we are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg, and many predictions such as the ones you listed will definitely come true, probably sooner rather than later.
May 19, 2009
To the naysayers worried about what would happen if you lost your phone:

What happens when you're standing at your car with an armload of shopping and you can't find your keys?

What happens when you're standing at the checkout and you reach into your pocket/handbag to get your wallet/purse and find it's not there?

The problems you say will occur with a super-phone are problems that currently exist with today's technology. It's the problems noone has thought of yet that you should be worried about.
May 19, 2009
To reiterate a previous comment, and im sure many others after, What happens when i loose my phone... I too would be living in mortal dread of standing in front of my car without the phone wondering why the dog is on the drivers seat making a strange ring ring noise.

I think a better interface would be a "superchip" in the back of your hand, and a working voice activation command system. unlocking things, and paying would simply be a swipe of your hand, whilst working on you PC at home would be a combination of voice commands and keyboard interfaces. the chip would act as a range based key, (like in some doors) for all the systems inthe house, better yet you can sync it to certain applications so that the wife cant access the remote for example!
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May 19, 2009
I think you're right. I've read other articles where similar predictions have been made. The roadblock right now is battery life. Once they can make this kind of device run for more than one hour, it is sure to be on the market.
May 19, 2009
Lord, I pray that by the time all these miracles come to pass, we won't still be using Word.
May 19, 2009
The idea is fine, until you lose or break your phone, and you're standing in a grocery store parking lot with an armload of bags that you can't put in your car, no way to call to get a new phone. And even once you get a new phone, you get to wait at least an hour before you can enter your house, car, work, or do anything really, and of course you would pay a premium for the 1 hour service. Ask anyone who has ever sat on their iphone and had their ass make crank phonecalls, if this would be convenient. One butt spasm could turn off all your lights, start playing your adult movie colletion on all monitors in the house, and order 17 buckets of fried chicken to your front door. And of course, here's hoping someone doesn't steal your phone, and then have access to all aspects of your life, assuming of course, they don't steal your thumb too. Technology is great when it works properly.

I'm hoping they will make great strides in cancer research before I start wearing a phone powerful enough to do all that you suggest on my hip.
May 19, 2009
We won't call it a "Phone" then. Even now we don't call it phone. Its a "Cell". As your imagination goes, in future it will be the building "Cell" of universe.

By the way have you heard about Sixth Sense developed by an MIT student. See that guy's site:
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