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Mobile Help and FAQs

Downloading Dilbert Mobile to your mobile phone

Follow these simple steps to download Dilbert Mobile to your mobile phone.

  1. Text the keyword Dilbert to 96584 (Msg&Data rates may apply) to verify your device and receive the download SMS message.
  2. When you receive the Text message from Dilbert, select the link to download and install the Dilbert application on your phone.
  3. For further assistance, you can text the word HELP to 96584 from your mobile phone (Msg&Data rates may apply).

Finding out what your manufacturer and phone model is.
By sending the text message Device to 96584 (Msg&Data rates may apply), we will let you know what your manufacturer and phone model is.

Setting up your phone to use Dilbert Mobile.
Internet connection is required to download the Dilbert Mobile application. Contact your provider about adding extra services to your phone plan.

I didn't receive the SMS to download Dilbert Mobile.

  1. Are you certain that you are able to send and receive text messages?
    • To test sending a message, contact a friend or colleague who has a phone where they know they are able to send and receive messages and send a message to their phone. If your friend receives the message, have him or her send a message back to you to make sure you can receive messages.
    • If you are unable to send messages, contact your operator to ensure that text messaging is an option on your account and to check the SMSC number on your handset to ensure that messages are actually being relayed from your phone to the carrier to the end user.
  2. You may have entered either the keyword or the short code incorrectly. Confirm your data entry against the short code and keyword supplied on the Dilbert Mobile web page.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Please email Customer Service with any questions you may have.