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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Dilbert sits at his desk. Dogbert asks, "Have you ever noticed how crabby people always get what they want?" Dogbert continues, "It defies all reason. Society should punish the crabby, but instead they get rewarded." Dogbert continues, "So why fight it? I've decided to try the power of crabdom myself." Dilbert says, "I'm working. Could we talk later?" Dogbert says angrily, "Later?! Later?! Is my time worthless to you? What about MY needs?" Dogbert continues, "We'll talk NOW or we won't talk ever again!!" Dilbert replies, "Okay, okay! Let's talk." Dilbert asks, "Or were you just testing the power of crabdom?" Dogbert says, "Now you will dance for me."


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