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Mar 9, 2012
From the report: ghfghufhvfiuvnhyghkduhcinfughyutfikdjsamiuhakibdjothgkigk uhluigkiuyhlrirryhfurht75ttrgukfnjhfhxlohkililxjguhxglbchuxlijzuglgkhjjhnlxhzjlkjjh... It IS beautiful!
Aug 31, 2010
He needs another job where he doesn't live for the vapid pleasure (or inane whims) of others. Or he needs to have Wally as his tutor!
Mar 4, 2010
Or perhaps he really was visited by an Incan monkey god. Stranger things have happened in this strip. :p
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Jun 29, 2009
Or he just needs to sleep.
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Feb 18, 2009
He needs to be sedated and sent to therapy a.s.a.p.
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