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Jun 13, 2014
@alchemist... You don't need to be chicken to know that an egg is rotten.
Jan 14, 2014
On the contrary, Linux uses many standards. It's simply ignorant to claim otherwise. Now, is everything standardized? No. There are many variations. But to claim there are no standards is asinine.

For tools, if you can't manage to type "./configure; make; make install" because you're not a "g33k", then you choose one of the many distros which have extensive package libraries so you never need to compile a thing. And if it takes you hours to find a package in Ubuntu, "you're not doing it right".

Just because you have no idea how to use a tool doesn't mean it doesn't have value. Just because you have no idea how to program doesn't mean it's an uncommon activity. Just because you see the computer as a gaming platform only doesn't mean it is. You just want to play games and never think? Fine, Windows is a great fit for you. But don't go acting like you're a genius debunking Linux. It's just embarrassing. It's like a guy driving a Ford Focus trying to bad-mouth Porches because he says it's hard to get parts...
Jun 9, 2011
If it was complaints about Linux that you were looking for, why didn't you say so? Let's see now: No standardizations, hence everyone has a different version. If you need a tool you'd have to hunt around for hours to get the one that you need that is made for your OS. Or you need to be a g33k and compile it yourself.
Mankind has been evolving towards making life easier for himself. Yes, I'm too darn lazy to compile something each time I want to try a new software on my computer. And Yes, I love the games on Windows. I don't want to install Wine and hunt around days for the right settings to play a game that works right out of the box on Windows. (Note - not all games work right out of the box anywhere, but that isn't always the Operating System's fault)
Jun 6, 2011
@achemist4u: It's all about the opinion of the individual, but a lot of people have had bugs with Vista, and a lot of people like Linux, which I have never heard a complaint about. You'll probably never see this, and I respect your opinion.
Dec 22, 2010
My computer has Vista and it has crashed once in the year and a half I own it. I don't see why everyone is so down on Vista. If you can't make a better os, don't criticize
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