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Dec 17, 2014
Wally has a brother?
Jan 14, 2014
At my work, we're still avoiding those sissy "icons" and "windows", not entirely successfully. ;-)
Aug 14, 2011
No one pointed out the homage this constitutes.. "atlast the 1948 show" with the sketch "Four Yorkshiremen"

"Right. I had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad and our mother would kill us and dance about on our graves singing Hallelujah."
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Apr 27, 2011
This cartoon was posted in my grad school advisor's office window for like the whole time I was there. We loved it.
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Nov 4, 2010
Zoltan only pawn in cubicle of life
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