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Nov 10, 2014
- Same here. I am tired of this offensive jokes.

And all the people who gave you "thumb down" are sadly not able to think just a tiny little bit how it feels to grow up as an 80s or 90s born! Long after 2nd world war that we never saw, caused, or supported.... but are offended by all the people with these kind of jokes.

At least a little bit of understanding would be kind.
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Sep 29, 2011
Cubicle Gestapo?

As a German I feel slightly offended...
Jan 26, 2011
cubicle nazis?
what is that on his desk? a cattle prod? i honestly can't tell (panel 1)
Jan 10, 2011
Hah, that's pretty funny, histerik. At least the first bit, the second half is kind of pointless.
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Jul 17, 2010

Don't know, would you?
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