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Feb 1, 2014
Kayzie, I think we all are; that's why we're here, neh? ;-)
Feb 27, 2011
Thanks for the compliment but I think we & SA (but not Descartes) have made the mistake that if we cannot prove we do exist by this or any other method, we do not exist. We & SA can exist without proof that we & SA exist.
I take consolation in the fact that if I make a mistake & it is a mistake, I must exist.
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Feb 27, 2011
But Dilbert thought that he had found the proof of God, so he exists.

histerik is more intelligent than you'd think
Jul 8, 2010
Histerik has said something useful - that's the first time that has happened in a few months of strips, after his initial run of wittiness dried up into repetitiveness, and then rather annoying self-analysis of his own comment spree. Maybe this is like a dying rock band's comeback album. Like Dream Theater's "Metropolis pt.2: Scenes from a Memory"
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Jul 18, 2009
He transposed variables by accidently switching the 'd' and 'g' in god, thereby proving that he had very little to no brain activity during the process of calculating the subject's existence (you'd have to be braindead to make such an error). No brain activity, no thought; no thought, no existence. "q.e.d."
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