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Dec 19, 2010
J_of_Spades: It's just a pun 'Hoo/who are the guys ...'

To the rest I'll just say: Aw shucks guys, thanks.
Dec 17, 2010
I sometimes think histerik is pretty spot on with his comments, but I fail to see the humor in this one.
Nov 11, 2010
It's not the person, it's the activities of the person. histerik's comments lose a lot because of how frequently they are spam. I agree that occasionally histerik does produce a useful comment. In my opinion, this is not one of those times - however, I'm not rating the comment as I only do so when I feel strongly. And I've also noticed that there have been times when histerik's comment has been positively rated!
Nov 6, 2010
yeah i agrre with frostythesnowman
Oct 27, 2010
That is sad to give a person negative 22 votes just because of who he is. That was actually a funny comment. You have my POSITIVE vote histerik.
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