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Dec 14, 2012
Scott Adams jokes about this, but the outsourcing call center company, Convergys does this. You get whatever desk you get that day. No real cubes, just smaller ones.
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Apr 7, 2011
I suppose they're not allowed to take bathroom breaks anymore now.
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Nov 9, 2010
I wonder if this how the offices for Southwest Airlines are set up...
Oct 8, 2010
And spur on a new round of buzzword bingo!
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Jul 6, 2010
This model makes sense in many cases (In my current job, for example, I'll only be in the office 4-5 days a month and giving me a desk is a waste of space).

I dare say in Dilbert's office this would be pointless since they rarely leave and always come back. But since hotelling was only started in 1994, i can see why PHB jumped on the bandwagon early hoping to make a name for himself with a new buzzword.
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