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Dec 9, 2011
I'm sixteen at the moment, and I'm going to say that all the filtering and censorship that has been implemented to my school's network system was about 20 minutes of tinkering with files to bypass.

Then a 6 months suspension from the network.
Then a 1 hour tinker to unlock my account.

Then my account got deleted, I can no longer use school computers.

Genius does not go rewarded these days...
Oct 24, 2010
@Accountbert Exactly. and on other (usually clean) sites, there can be REAL women doing similar things. as for the strip (no pun intended), as much as you can attempt to stop it, I know people who illegally download photoshop, etc. How can you prevent people from looking at $#!% online?
Apr 18, 2010
How ironic. Reading comments on this comic about !$%*! next to it was in ad with a woman taking her bra off that said "I've got a birthday surprise for you..."

If you keep refreshing, you can see it.
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Apr 5, 2010
In Turkey, lots of sites is banned; even youtube. In my company even reaching the mails are banned. If I can find a way to migrate to USA, I won't wait a !$%* minute.
Jan 15, 2010
Every kind of censorship is an attack on ones freedom to watch or read whatever he pleases. Thank goodness theres no such thing in Poland.
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