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Sep 27, 2010
saywhatwhat does your company make the women clean up spills?
Jul 5, 2010
Let me explain for dilogic and michejos. The cup isn't magic and Wally certainly didn't save it. Alice took it from him and held it in one hand while she stuck his dim head through the wall with the other hand. (The hand of death, I assume.) She then placed it on the first available "shelf" she saw. She took the trouble to save the cup because she knew, as a women, one of the men in the department just might ask her to clean up the spill. It's not that she was afraid she would have to clean it up; she just didn't want to have to stick the man's head through the wall next to Wally.
Jan 15, 2010
how is his coffe on his ass and not even spilt i mean weird gravity defing coffee mug cool
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Sep 2, 2009
Alice is the best.
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