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Sep 14, 2011
@Kruug & Naex.. Not a script".. he read it from an "ISO 9000" document, the joke being that the process the customer demanded was the direct reason for him getting ridiculed and got a more expensive product, in effect; He demanded to get laughed in the face.

@yomerol7 .. How well ISO works within a specific corporation is directly depending on how that corporation molds the ISO to suit it's own processes and functions. The ISO itself is just a tool/template which is aiming more for consistancy in quality rather than "best possible product" and to make sure that if quality dips it gets noticed and processed properly. But even in companies who don't do the work that is supposed to be involved to make it function it is better than having no quality process at all.
Jun 1, 2011
Yeah, does seem inconsistent for PHB, but it's still really funny!
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Aug 26, 2010
What if the PHB was saying it from a script, then told to respond in such a way if they answered positively? It seems like he's a puppet in this comic.
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Apr 16, 2010
This seems out of character for PHB, he seems very informed and understanding.
Oct 1, 2009
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