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Dec 11, 2009
I think we are to assume that they're too cheap to actually buy a wall calendar to give Ratbert so he'll be getting PHB's used on after the year is over.
And I thought it was obvious that Armoni was being sarcastic.
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Sep 25, 2009
Do we give Scott the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant Ratbert would be getting the calendar at the end of the year, when the PHB has finished with it. Or do we assume that the boss has a "naughty" calendar and hasn't "finished" with it yet?
Sep 1, 2009
Um... perhaps I'm a bit thick, but what's the "other" way to read it? PHB clearly seems to be implying that Ratbert will recieve an expired wall calendar.
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Jul 26, 2009
Mmmm, I'm having trouble figuring out if you're being sarcastic Armoni, or just not getting the joke. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming it's just badly implemented sarcasm. The point of the joke is of course that once someone is done using a calender, it becomes useless since those dates have already passed...
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May 19, 2009
I don't think that this can be taken more than one way. PHB clearly means to read the calendar thoroughly and then pass it along to Ratbert. I hope he has a bookmark... some of those pages have tricky words on them.
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