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Jun 1, 2010
This is so antiquate!!!
Now it has to be at lease 8 characters long and use at least one symbol on top of all that.
Dec 17, 2009
I still think that the extreme's they're going to is a joke.
The minimum length, mix of upper and lower, mix of numbers, even had some that say must have at least one symbol, such as @ - $, and another that said the same letter can't be used in a row.. even if it was capital then lower case.
Though we don't have to have different passwords for each system.
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Apr 15, 2009
Mar 6, 2009
The ones that really irritate me are the ones that impose all those restrictions, and then a maximum character limit on top.

"Must contain numbers and letters, mix of upper and lower case, 6-8 characters, must be changed at least 6 times per year and you can never reuse an old password." I actually had to use that policy once...
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Aug 12, 2008
Yeah, see... you have to remember this is 1998 we're talking about here. By now, we've all become so used to it that it's hard to see the joke! Back then, however...
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