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Oct 7, 2011
I remember 8" and 16" discs, and also I remember a "computer" with a screen with the same screen layout as an A4, and the word-processing program in the BIOS..

Side note; I also remember writing ROMs by using ten switches. (one resetted the memory address-count, 8 contained the data you wanted to write, the last one wrote the data to the memory at the current address, and increased the address by one. (By using this I made a "intersection traffic light controller program" for two intersections which were in sequence (and buttons for crossings, and sensors for cars) as a project, which I later showed my teacher.. I kinda wish that I had built a "model" of the intersection and put the leds and sensors in.. but I was satisfied with just getting my light-scheme functioning okay and my project approved)
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Jul 1, 2011
That's nothing. I got a little magnet and had to set the programcode for an os bit by bit on floppy disks by myself.
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Dec 20, 2010
That's nothing. We pirated c64 games using loudspeaker and microphone before we got dual casette players.
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Aug 17, 2010
I even remember 5 1/4 inch diskettes.
Aug 9, 2010
...I remember diskettes.
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