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Aug 21, 2014
If all 20 year old college students are as eloquent as you Albiro, there is hope for mankind yet. Too bad all of MarillionFan's comments have been deleted. They will be sorely missed as evidence that the school of hard knocks is no substitute for a real education and that being a taxpayer does not magically endow you with grace and good manners.
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Sep 23, 2011

While I did remember to dry behind my ears after getting out of the shower, I will admit that I still feel like a kid, and that my only jobs were temporary stints with the census and a school uniform retailer, so you've got me there.

One thing I'd like to point out about my last comment, though, is how I devoted one line to the actual strip, with the rest of the post being about my observations of the comments here. As you've rightly assumed, my opinion on how valid these strips are probably doesn't hold much sway, and so I leave that to others who have "actually gone out and got a job." (This quote isn't meant to sound condescending or cynical.)

To reiterate the point of my last post, I see much more comments either saying that the current strip hit close to home, telling a personal horror story relating to the strip, or drawing parallels to real-life occurrences than the juvenile abominations you clearly see. Short of the line about the strip being about colon and period use, I'm not sure where I stated my opinion about "the validity of these strips." (Again, no cynicism or ill-will meant by the quote.) This sort of lends credence to my guess that we're reading different comments.

As for your PS, well-played. You've ensured that nothing I say will change your belief that I have the patience and total lack of pride and literary skill required to seek an adult to proofread my post on a newspaper comic comments board. Looks like you win.
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Sep 21, 2011
I thought this strip was about colon and period use, not capitalization...

If it pleases you, MarillionFan, I shall use proper grammar despite being a 20-year old college student, a technical "school child", you might say. Hopefully, this will appease your righteous disdain.

Also, seeing as how a good majority of the comments I've seen in these strips seem to come from people who actually experience or have experienced what is being parodied, either you and I are reading different comments, you believe "school children" are actually employed in these areas, or you're making hasty generalizations.

I'm afraid neither outcome paints you as a particularly fine role model to us school children.
Aug 9, 2011
dude, really? just because you have an english textbook doesn't mean you're a child. I'm a senior in high school, and my book also has this strip.
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Jan 20, 2011
@ semicrazy
I wish I had your English textbook
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