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Nov 14, 2010
I'm sorry that my name is spelled differently than you think it should be. And as far as sentence fragments go, I'm a writer, and it's allowed. Seriously. I'm not kidding. =P
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Nov 14, 2010
RE: Andrameda

You've got the same issues, since the name is spelled 'Andromeda' and "Unlike you" is a sentence fragment.
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Jan 29, 2010
I know that I'm responding to a comment that's two years old, but Dalm, at least Plasma can at spell, punctuate, and capitalize correctly. Unlike you.

Poor Alice's soul! It looks so pitiful. =(
Oct 20, 2009
Maybe sax is just so cool? Maybe it is a reference to soul music? Clinton is hardly the only saxplayer in the world.
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Dec 29, 2008
I wish the "free world" would stop declaring the US president its leader. Go your own way! Show the USA a better way!
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