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May 12, 2009
Sure, Ventifact, you can call it that, though I think it's over-simplifying. It's a loan word.
May 12, 2009
Asok! So, first you become a man... now you relise that your boss is an idiot... even more of one actually.
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Jan 21, 2009
To nitpick the nitpicker of the nitpicker, you're right that it has no second "s" - I had it wrong. But are you sure you want to call it an English word, when it is simply an adopted German word? Now *there's* a nit to pick..
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Jan 7, 2009
Oh, no problem! One of the joys of learning a foreign language is showing off, ya know ;)
Jan 7, 2009
Live and learn! Thank you!
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