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Sep 16, 2014
We are 5 years on..... How did that punching her work out for you atsukoarai? Out on parole yet?
Mar 21, 2013
Add to the company? Since when does PHB care about adding any quality to the company. It's just increased head count.

OK. Fist of Death is OK for Alice. But anyone even joking about hitting a coworker in real life is inappropriate.
Mar 20, 2013
Wiz, you are defending a caricature of a real past user profile. And l thi k Atsuko can hit her if she is a woman, too. Must control FOD!
Anyway, phb says this right after he told Wally no personal calls pn company time. How does Mel add to the company?
Oct 28, 2011
OK - first off - stop talking about hitting anyone. Especially a woman.

Secondly - why all the 'thumbs down' for Plazma's "Some days, you're the bug."
Some days we're the windshield and some days Medical Mel is the bug.

Oh - the thumbs down are just automatic for Plazma, is that it?
Dec 7, 2010
@ atsukoarai86 (if you're still around) no you can't.
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