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Mar 28, 2013
Kes did this on Star Trek: Voyager. But she nearly boiled her mentor along with it.
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Jun 6, 2011
I bet wally is seriously jealous of not being able to do that with coffee.
Jan 25, 2011
Talk about being less than clever, Bosox. Asok did say "India" in the first panel.
Nov 21, 2010
I agree with 3lizab3th.

Othello, you really need to apologize for comparing Galaxyspinner to douches. You have insulted douches in the worst way possible.
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Apr 29, 2010
Indian: The Dots or the Feathers?

Galxspinner: A DB of the first degree.

Othello, 76kombi & 3lizab3th: Boy, you all certainly have that less-than-a-BD pegged.
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