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Nov 17, 2011
dillianvase.. You are appareantly stupid. I am from sweden and I often misspell english words (however that idea about "typing quickly without proofreading" also kinda holds water.. If I were to try to check out every word that I feel a bit uncertain about).. Reason I consider you to be stupid is this: People who are foreign learn english as a second language learn it at a later stage of life which means it don't make the same imprint in the brain and therefor is more quickly forgotten (but sure native languages is often subject to missusage so even an imprint might be in error and that is more difficoult to "get rid of").. since we learned english in school in our youth several years can go by without need to use it, hence people are able to forget... and last (but not least) the few reminders we get is often to watch movies/series from hollywood, and that is only auditory (that means that we have an active vocabulare which can contain several words which we never seen spelled, and as we want to write it we THINK we know how it's spelled according to ordinary rules of spelling.. and when writing on internet in a blog-like enviroment.. atleast I don't bother about checking the spelling on most words that I know I feel uncertain about, I simply assume people get the jest.. And that is before I take in to consideration yet other nations where the schooling system don't have competent teachers, or textbooks.. They just teach enough to be able to "get by", because that's all their resources can bring.
Jan 18, 2011
I'm not sure why some of the posters on here always assume those who misspell words to be foreign. The misconception that people who are not natural English speakers spell poorly when using English doesn't make much sense to me. When a person learns a second language, they actually spell extremely well, since they learn/are taught the words at a much later stage in life than their natural language, so they are taught to spell correctly. The only instances of bad grammar seem to arise from word placement and sentence structure, but that's just from the difference between languages. It is my natural assumption when I see somebody misspell something in the comment section that they are a) typing quickly without proofreading or looking at the screen, b) just don't care enough to go back to correct mistakes, or c) a poorly educated American that has been failed by our lackadaisical education system.
Oct 4, 2010
I KNEW TuraSatana was from Finland! Hyvä minä! :D

I agree with x_Tech, red buttons are dangerous. And I kinda feel sorry for the guy in last pane, even if he is just a character in a cartoon... Poor guy. :)
Aug 26, 2010
lmao when saw that last panel.
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Jul 2, 2010
I know this may be off the point, but...
Back to the strip; Never tell them about the "Red Button" unless ALL the safety interlocks are in place. Word!
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