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Apr 30, 2010
Thx for your research madjar...
Jan 23, 2010
I'm sure Wally sees it as putting forth a little effort one day to be able to slack off all week.
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Nov 27, 2009
Heathen is from Old English hæðen "not Christian or Jewish"

Historically, the term was probably influenced by Gothic haiþi "dwelling on the heath", appearing as haiþno in Ulfilas' bible as "gentile woman," (translating the "Hellene" in Mark 7:26).


Nov 11, 2009
I disagree. Wally does a lot of work to avoid work.
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Jan 29, 2009
...getting up early on a Sunday, buying bagels, and driving over an hour to a church you only joined because you want to please your boss.....WALLY THIS ISN'T LIKE YOU!
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