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Aug 30, 2010

all your questions remind me on that show "Are u smarter than the 5th grader".
Nov 28, 2009
i forgot to do it on that one too! Darn!
Nov 28, 2009
i'm just posting so i can hit the box down below, so don't mind me!
Nov 28, 2009
some more questions i forgot too ask you spinner; What color flame does Bromine burn? Who was the 23rd president of the US? What is the name of the Titan of the moon? Who is the roman equivalent of Hephaestus? In Harry Potter, what is the color robe that is the uniform of Fred and Georges shop? Finally, what is 2.59386 x 0.00001? I swear i didn't need too look ANY of this up, and i am in 5th grade! Not so smart after all, spinner?

(anyone else can answer also, if they want :))
Nov 28, 2009
hey, galaxy, if you think you are so smart, than what is the name on the dot on top of an "i"? I've known the answer since 4th grade! I bet you have too look it up! Please post back and tell me the answer! I will give you a hint. It rhymes with "little"
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