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May 19, 2010
TuraSatana, you forgot one thing while speaking to monkeeman...Add the words "You moron" to the end of your post. If monkeeman was serious in his/her post, then he/she is an idiot. If he/she were trying to be cutesy, then he/she is an idiot.

Your choice, I'm not here to past judgement on the morons...
Dec 3, 2009
monkeemen, they have, in the course of this comic, killed innumerable people and the company is known to dump radioactive waste in the local park; it's a comic. Things have consequences only as far as Scott decides they have consequences.
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Jul 10, 2009
They would probably get in a lot of trouble for this - what if it landed on someone? If it just landed w/o hurting anyone would they be charged for littering?
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Nov 10, 2008
Great, great, great!
One must do, what his superior orders him to do despite any ... eee... communication problems :)
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