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Aug 18, 2013
But think about how many times Dogbert has saved Dilbert and given him actual, good advice. Plus, he never sabotaged Dilbert's relationship with Liz and in fact tried to make sure that Liz was a good match for him.
Nov 9, 2011
Um, I wouldn't. Nice dog to visit, but wouldn't want to live with him. With all the crap he's pulled on other people over the years, and considering he's about the size of a football, I'm surprised he hasn't been punted into oblivion! And his treatment of Dilbert is cruel and unusual punishment. His sabotage of many dates alone would have him at the dog pound if he had been my dog.
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Apr 8, 2011
Who wouldn't??? LOL
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Jan 14, 2011
I want a dogbert of my own.
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