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Nov 25, 2011
usessimpletools.. You got me.. Nice trolling.. I was actually examining panel 3 several times for that dutch angle, but it all looked fine to me.. then I noticed that you were talking about panel 2.. well, SA is not REALLY good at drawing (very very 2d), but he do try new things.. and I kinda like it, so you stop complaining.

(though to the specific comment; Sure.. he did tilt a bit, but I believe that was unintentional.. I believe he only tried to move away from the "straight on" perspective that he is so known for.. and when it comes to the weird part, I can only say that I didn't think of it until I looked for it.. but that might be because I am very used to SA's style even when it comes to his "experimental" side)
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Jun 15, 2010
Is that Ted?
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