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Oct 29, 2011
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Jul 17, 2010
No, it is your imagination. Also all email will be run though a filter that will delete any/all words not contained in the filters' 50 word dictionary.
Apr 17, 2010

That's so true... I use to quote Dilbert's boss when failing to login somewhere. Too much places use high level credential rules without any sensitive information behind. And for those who need there's so much way to identify (smart card readers, bio reader,etc) without having to uses long and complex passwords. Anyway with the right processors, you may be able to brute force even squirrel noises !

Not linked to in any way : I have been knowing for this strip for years but now that there's a Dilbert site I'll just link here instead of another leeched picture. This site is best idea ever.

a , =)
Jul 4, 2009
I saw this in Wikipedia. ROFLMAO! I had to see the whole strip. I hate passwords!
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