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Aug 28, 2013
I was totally surprised to see the text bubble pointing to Dilbert instead of PHB!
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Feb 1, 2011
@doddad, I seved 22 years and I am sorry to hear you say that, I would guess that maybe just you are inefficient. My unit was always in the front lines, the best trained, always under budget, and we rocked at what we did. Go gimlets!
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Jan 27, 2011
I've been with the Army and Army Reserve for 29 years. Let me tell you they are far more inefficient than this company.
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Nov 1, 2010
I am guessing because even though he's withstood the strenuous task of combat and being decorated for it, the meeting is too much for him and may be killing him. Just a guess.
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Oct 19, 2010
I don't get it. Why did he say 'GAAA!' ??
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