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Apr 22, 2008
It would just be nice if this site actually WORKED!

All I get in Firefox is the top and bottom banners and a biiiiiiig white space in between and in Opera the actual comic strips keep disappearing, which does tend to make the site a tad pointless - although I still see all the adverts just fine.

Scott, tell these people to get it RIGHT - it's YOUR name that'll be dragged through the mud, not theirs.

Thanks for the tip about Yahoo - I will be heading over there post-haste.
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Apr 22, 2008
T would prefer the black and white strips. I'm not here to watch movies!
Apr 22, 2008
Thanks for the hint, albertn. Yahoo's interface is *ways* simpler. Doubt I'll visit dilbert.com ever again.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake of exposing my email in the registration process prior to looking around for more lightweight sources. Need to re-read terms of use, there must be some way to cancel this...
Apr 21, 2008
fake or real user? oh come on... obviously everyone of us is just as equally a worthless, nameless nobody.

platforms ranging from blackberry, iphone, IE, firefox. How hard can someone really yell standards to a free marketed industry, with how many factors? linux, windows,mac... etc... standards?

either it caters to the lowest of the low, or it doesn't. there are other ways to get the comic (thankfully right???)
anyway, its either for the current !$%*!$ or its for future gain i guess. since it is beta,, well that does me beta, so yeah check back in a month. i sure will

I just have a feeling more people are ok and enjoy dilbert.com over those who have launched chunks of face onto their screen.
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Apr 21, 2008
It was good to learn that we can still find Dilbert at a simpler Yahoo site. This one is mainly an indulgence for web designers. Real users prefer simplicity.

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