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Apr 25, 2008
Hey wise guys! And specially moron who created this ‘new, improved’ site. How I am suppose to save Sunday’s strip on my PC. What is the point to stare into screen whole day. I want to download. Understand?! Save on my disk. OK?
Apr 24, 2008
When I try to view the Sunday strip without scrolling (all at once) I either get a red X or it reverts back to the new strip in the black frame. Very Annoying. I hope someone is paying attention to all the complaints I see every day. I love the strip -- I hate the new web format.
Apr 24, 2008
This site has been "improved" out of a lot of functionality. If I try to print the Sunday strips I get something that says it's a .gif file but doesn't print out. It's a lot harder to look back a few weeks because there's not a calendar to click on. The color is nice, but working well would be nicer.
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Apr 24, 2008
Works fine for me.
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Apr 24, 2008
None of the larger boxes will even load. The only way I can read the strip is in the newspaper. Please take this site down and put back the old one until you work out the bugs.
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