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Apr 25, 2008
This just happened to my company the first week of March... We were told that it was a "merger of equals" only to find out at the end of that week in the new website press release that it was an "aquistion" Now we wait and see. They already laid off one whole dept do to the market being slow. We think most of us are next.
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Apr 25, 2008
alephul, if you use a link to an actual comment, it doesn't redirect...


Apr 24, 2008
I don't have any of the problems other readers are complaining about, possibly b/c I'm barely computer literate and I'm just using basic stuff? Or the bugs have been fixed since the complaints made?

On my computer, the page doesn't take any time to load; I don't have any flash thingies that I know of; I don't have bunches of white space; I don't see any ads, thank goodness; it's easy for me to access past strips and easy to print them.

I like being able to read a regular comic strip and, if I want, watch a cartoon. I like black and white strips as a previous reader mentioned, but I've accepted that most people aren't minimalists. Love the aunt's living room analogy! I also would like to have bigger pictures, but that's a problem I have w/every website.

I'm running windows xp (sent back the computer with Vista loaded) and I use Firefox and a cable modem. Maybe the site is geared toward the general public and there should be a special site for IT folks?
Apr 24, 2008
Son of a !$%*!$ The link to United Media, which used to go to the old clean site now redirects to this piece of !$%*! That is it. I don't need Dilbert bad enough to put up with this kind of abuse. I am now voting with my feet. This is the last you will see of me.

I really thought that a week or two of nothing but negative comments would sink in and someone would ditch this crapfest in favor of the old format or at least something less flash intensive. Apparently this is not in fact the case, so Bye Scott.
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Apr 24, 2008
Good call on NoScript by the way, thanks IMEI- I'm a huge fan of Firefox, and that's a handly little add-on.
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