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Apr 24, 2008
It seems to me that someone wrote a book entitled, "Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!: Cartoonist Ignores Helpful Advice"... Perhaps that advice could be useful here. Nobody likes the strips in flash media. Please, if you want to keep the color, bring back the calendar format with static strips.
Apr 24, 2008
Congratulations !
1) You've designed the worst Web U.I I ever seen.
2) You made me register in order to post this comment.
3) You made me discover new webcomics (well... on other websites, but who cares ?)

BitTorrent is now my only source for Dilbert strips...
Apr 24, 2008
I notice that the link to the archive section, which used to bring up the cartoon in the correct format, has been "nuked". Now it forwards to the main page. It's clear that the people who control the website don't care what the customer wants, but rather, they want to control us. I'm sad to say this because Dilbert has been my friend for ten years, but I suggest boycotting the site. Let them understand that they've broken it in a way that matters to them (unfortunately, initially, thousands of disgruntled users scrambling over the site to find a way to see it properly, is probably increasing the apparent number of hits and "stickiness" of the site).
Apr 24, 2008
Is this redesign primarily for the purpose of generating more strip ideas? If so, it must be regarded as tremendously successful. If it's actually supposed to improve things, not so successful.
Apr 24, 2008
This format is VERY POOR and KEEPS crashing IE in windows XP Who wrote this poor software
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