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May 1, 2008
Wow .. I'm amazed how much some people like to whine! I bet some of you guys write e-mails to your department heads if they change the colour of the toilet tissue in the men's room, and I bet it makes you incandescent with rage if "they" update the theme tune on the six o'clock news. :-)

Personally though, I'd definitely still prefer my dilbert cartoon to be chalked on a slate and delivered by sailing ship accross the Atlantic, then by mail coach through Sherwood Forest to The Barren North.
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May 1, 2008
Gl;orious cartoon, as "Due Diligence", ie "How little can we get away with paying to acquire this smaller company" is happening around here right now... thank you for the cutting black humour
Apr 27, 2008
I've found dilbert.com/fast and am now happy thx Jerry
Apr 27, 2008
Must admit I agree: whilst I like the colour, this is now a lot of hard work.
Thanks, Eric
Apr 27, 2008

After reading the comments, and my own feelings, I feel that the problem is NOT the new site, but rather the fact that what people liked about the old has gone. It feels like the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. I am a technophile, yet I have a problem. Why not ENHANCE the user experience, rather than this REPLACEMENT of the user experience. We all seem to be required to like all the new things, and forget about the old. Please, evolution rather than revolution.

Please return the calendar and the simple format, keep the new and let the audience go with what they like.

I really feel as though a developer or two of yours has joined this little debate! There are some comments that really feel like those that some of my staff might have posted if they saw such an avalanche of negative response to what they had just delivered! ;-)


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