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May 6, 2008
As many others, the only reason I registered here is to write how much I hate this new design!

I used to visit Dilbert.com for its content, and now it turned into a pile of flashy ads and useless options. The site finally succeeded at getting the distinctive vulgar !$%*!$%*! feel. Whoever thought that anybody would "hang out" on Dilbert.com, doing "cool things" and using "groovy gadgets" should get back on his medications. The only thing I wanted was a black and white daily strip that I could print (in _good_ quality) and post on my cubicle wall, not some colored animated flash-based commercial-ridden RSS/Widget/Facebook-Enabled p3nis-enlarging AT&T-plan-selling Piece of CORPORATE SELLOUT JUNK!

I used to be fed up with pointy-haired bosses, but now I'm fed up with Scott Adams. I stopped my daily visits to this web-site since its DOWNgrade, and I'm not coming back until it goes back to a simple no-nonsense version.

PS. To the posers who call this change "the progress": smothering something with ads, mailing lists and solicitations is ANYTHING BUT the progress.
May 6, 2008
Hey Scott, if you wanted your dilbert cartoons to be circulated LESS and LESS then with this dumb website you've finally accomplished this. This silly beta version does not allow you to save the cartoon as an image (at least it does not work for me on any browser) just to print it (I can print it to pdf, duh...), and let's not mention the "embed" button... It does not copy the image to clipboard, all you can do is copy and paste the URL...

I do hope these that I consider bugs will be fixed in the final version, my dilbert mailing list is suffering.
May 6, 2008
Leonard Nimoy... I can see it now!
May 6, 2008
Hi, I just registered only so I can complain about the Catbert changes you have introduced.
Just how many negative comments does it take to make you put this website back the way it was?
This is really a truly NEGATIVE HORRIBLE experience now.
It is Tediously Difficult to navigate, Slow to load, not at all fun like the original site.
The previous version was much faster to load too.
We ALL propose you should abandon trying to "PIMP UP" this site up and go back to basics
Please strip out ALL that boring Flash Nonsense and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
By the way the GIF generator you are using produces terrible quantisation noise in between the main lines, it looks like you are using MS Paint? Yeugh! Pittooie!
May 6, 2008
The World's Smartest Garbageman does it again! This character is brilliant.
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